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Zoom introduces SDK for the Developers

Esperanza Gomez



Software Development Kits, also known as SDKs, are popular to make apps more comprehensive. The recent entrant to this list of SDK inclusion is Zoom. According to Zoom, the newly released SDK will allow users to build their applications and websites that are video-based on top of their platform.

Through this newly released SDK, the developers can comprehensively utilize the chat functions of Zoom. There can be different kinds of settings, ranging from gaming platforms to social media.

Natalie Mullin, Zoom’s product Marketing Manager stated in the company’s blog post, “Using our Video SDK, developers can drive customer engagement and provide new opportunities for revenue without being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface.”

SDK is more of an efficient developer tool and the intent is to ensure a proper channel for appropriate website development. Zoom is also all set to roll out of a centralized portal for education and assistance of the developers. This means that the developers could learn about and access the available developer tools. With the introduction of SDK, Zoom is also working towards attracting developers. They are willing to extend their support and educate the developers on better usage of multiple tools that come as a part and parcel of this addition.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson said, “We want to be able to have a single point where developers can go to learn about all of the tools and resources that are available for them in the Zoom platform for their work in development.”

The addition of the video SDK to any platform, app, or website would enable the service providers to integrate and build apps on Zoom’s platform. They can also add video, voice, chat, and content sharing to their applications.

The developer platform of Zoom includes Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs, SDKs, webhooks, and even chatbots. With the newest release, the developers will be able to attain more descriptive and detailed performance analytics. This can help the developers to attain additional and comprehensive insights into the application’s performance.

The analytics and insights include essential data like the account and user-level subscription counts, active account metrics, active users, and other vital details. Zoom has also promised to come up with more important features and updates that could lead to better application analysis.

As remote work has been essentially necessitated in an era of COVID-19, Zoom has seen exponential growth. People are getting more and more used to this platform and it rightly substitutes for a physical interface. Zoom has taken full advantage of this opportune moment and has been on a constant spree to better its conduct.

The constant innovation and development at Zoom have been making it stand the competition with giants like Google Meet. It is always in a wake to improve its functions and features. With the SDK, it has rightly aimed to capture the developer market with tools that would lead to a better and more comprehensive understanding of app analytics.

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