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YouTube App Dominates Mobile Video Market




The world has changed in a big way over the past several decades. Technology has gotten smaller, mobile internet has gotten more prevalent, and consumer viewing habits has completely evolved. Ahead of this entire trending change has been YouTube, almost from the jump. It was recently revealed that YouTube’s mobile application, available for free on mobile app stores, is the most popular mobile video viewing platform in the world. From July 2016 to July 2017 the YouTube mobile app rendered out 9.5 billion hours of video footage for consumers. How do they fare against their competitors and what does this mean for the future of mobile media?

When looking at the Top 10 mobile video streaming applications available on the Android Marketplace consumers will come across several different familiar faces: Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, ESPN and more. The top 10 mobile video viewing platforms comprised a total of 12.5 billion hours of viewership through the year interval that we introduced above. Of that 12.5 billion hour number, nearly 80% of those views went straight through the YouTube mobile app. Another application on the list is YouTube Kids, ranked 7th, which likely means YouTube’s market share is even larger than we are accounting for.

What’s most impressive about the 12 billion hours of viewership among these Top 10 apps is that the number is still rising. The 12 billion hour mark was an incredible 45% increase over the same amount of time as measured the previous year. According to tech reporters at App Annie, the numbers are going to continue to rise in incredible ways over the following years. The reason is simple, we are seeing a fundamental shift in the way that people consume media. We are moving increasingly toward a handheld, on the go style of entertainment.

The top two applications on the list were YouTube and Netflix and they both returned in the same positions that they appeared in at the time of last year’s rating. While Netflix is looking like they are a fixture at the top of the list for the foreseeable future, YouTube doesn’t look content to sit idly by. YouTube recently launched the YouTube TV product. YouTube TV is a direct competitor to Sling TV and it costs $35 a month for full usage. YouTube is also pushing their premium service, YouTube Red, more and more in order to increase their own original content.

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