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You can now turn off Algorithmic Ranking for Facebook News Feed

Esperanza Gomez



Are you tired of the relentlessness of irrelevant news feeds on your Facebook accounts? Well, we all are. Facebook, somehow, has identified how this can pose to be a problem and affect the engagement and time spent on the platform.

As a result, a handful of new features are going to be introduced by Facebook. The new features are likely to provide more control to users over their News feed. As a user, you would be able to turn off the algorithmic ranking of your feed and will be able to attain a feed display that you like.

Facebook has been in a progressive mode and is bringing about changes in its functions that would help the users attain the most benefit. In October 2020, a new ‘Favorites’ tool was introduced by the social media giant. This feature allowed the users to select about thirty pages and friends. This could enable the users to prioritization the content that will be displayed on your feed. You also could have the option of displaying the relevant content on a separate feed altogether. Then, another value addition was made in the form of ‘most recent’ wherein you could see the most recent updates on the platform. Despite the introduction, these functions do not appear prima facie but have to be dug through the menu board.

The ‘Most Recent’ and the ‘Favourites’ filters will be more prominent now. They will be placed right at the top of your News feed. Hence, there will be no issue in identifying them or searching them through the menu.

Now, what is noteworthy is that the filter bar will not be a permanent addition to your Facebook page. Should you not use the ‘Favorites’ tool for seven days, they will vanish. You then will need to find it out in your preference menu over the News Feed. Once you find and use it, it will appear again on your page.

Don’t we all hate comments from people we do not like? As per the new tool of Facebook, a new tool will be introduced wherein you can impose restrictions and limitations to who can comment on your post. The restrictions can limit the commenting profiles to add just the friends or the people or pages tagged. Should you have a problem with a certain sort of promoted News Feed showing on your page, you can also click on the “Why am I seeing this” feature? This could further unfurl why this post was suggested to them and have a first-hand view of the algorithm. This will help in filtering out the feed you do not want to see anymore.

The changes, in itself, are minor. Even if they might just be a minor addition to the menu bar, they will have a greater impact on the overall news feed appearing on your Facebook profile. You can turn certain algorithms off to make sure you witness only relevant content. So, it certainly a piece of good news for the users getting bogged down because of the irrelevant content and lack of prioritization.

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