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You can now do Vacuuming with Laser Lights, Thanks to Dyson

Esperanza Gomez



Do you love cleaning and chores? If not, you now will. The new flagship vacuum cleaner of Dyson called V15 Detect comes with laser light to ‘detect’ the dirt on you. Well, dirt in your house. Who wouldn’t love to vacuum their way through a horizontal line of dirt and dust that illuminates?

Dyson has always been on an innovative spree with its beautiful, sophisticated, and forward-thinking types of equipment. Just when you thought that vacuuming can’t get any more perfect, BAM, Dyson introduces the V15 Detect Vacuum Cleaner priced at $699. It has a laser dust detection system which lightens up the dust so you can clean it off.

The images that Dyson has shared to reveal the working mechanism of this vacuum cleaner are superb. After you are done guilt-tripping to the fact that your house that you were vacuuming day in and out was extremely dusty, you can clean it up. The lasers of the vacuum cleaner have been designed in a manner to see the dust and understand what is it really that you are vacuuming.

This new laser model is almost like a makeover to the 2019 Vacuum cleaning models of Dyson. This model features an LCD that also is immensely informative to the users. There are various vacuum modes that you can use to adapt to the kind of dirt and dust you are cleaning.

In addition to the dust-illuminating laser, there is also another well-received value addition to the 2019 V11 versions of Dyson. The new vacuum cleaners also have an acoustic piezo sensor. This sensor has been integrated with a brand new microprocessor. So, this sensor monitors the air consumption done by the vacuum cleaner. Ergo, you can get a holistic and comprehensive idea about how dirty and dusty your place is. Well, also you can gauge the size and quantity of the dust that is being vacuumed.

It is always good to quantify the amount of cleaning that you have been doing in your home. All this information will get relayed to the LCD that is built in the very design of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is also super intelligent and can identify and segregate debris or dust particles.

The new and improved way of vacuuming will be out today. There will be larger versions of the same as well in form of the Dyson Outsize Model and the Dyson Omni-glide model. Both of them cleaners can provide a mop-like experience and a squeaky clean home. All of these three products can now be seen and purchased from Dyson’s website.

The truth of the matter is that no one likes doing chores. But when the chores include a good deal of monitoring, analysis, and laser, you can’t wait to do them. Dyson has certainly understood that the secret to making chores more appealing is to beautify them. No wonder, we can’t wait to head to the website to buy it already.

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