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Xbox Brings Quality-of-Life Upgrades & Storage Expansion to Xbox Series X/S Consoles




Xbox is reportedly prepping a significant upgrade for its Xbox Series X/S consoles. According to insiders, this improvement will significantly increase download speeds, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience for its users. The news of this update was unveiled in the patch notes for the June 2 Xbox Insider alpha skip-ahead, which mentions “content installation and updating” as a key change. This comes as part of Xbox’s efforts to address long-standing issues dating back to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era, where download speeds have been a persistent complaint among gamers. Xbox’s new quality-of-life upgrade aims to change that by focusing on optimizing the console’s internal power for downloads and minimizing background activity. Xbox will likely run this update through its insiders first to identify and fix any potential glitches or bugs before preparing it for a wider roll-out.

Introducing Carbon Black Xbox Series S

The tech giant announced a new addition to the Xbox Series X/S family, the Carbon Black Xbox Series S. This new model, priced at $350; will feature 1TB of SSD storage, double that of the base Xbox Series S. While the Carbon Black model will not boast a faster processor or better GPU, the additional storage will make it an ideal and affordable machine for Game Pass. This is a welcomed upgrade, considering the storage demands of modern games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which can quickly occupy a significant portion of a console’s storage space. This extra space will also alleviate the “Game Pass Jenga” issue, where players have to constantly shuffle games on their console to make room for new additions to the Netflix-like subscription service. The Carbon Black Xbox Series S is scheduled for a September 1 release, just in time for the launch of Starfield and a host of new Game Pass releases.

Key Features of Carbon Black Xbox Series S:

  • 1TB SSD storage
  • $350 price tag
  • Carbon Black design
  • Same performance capabilities as the base model Xbox Series S
  • Ideal for Game Pass users

Future of Xbox Consoles

Usually, at this stage in the life cycle of consoles like Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, we would see Slim or Pro versions. However, due to shortages and delays associated with the pandemic years or the rising costs of development and diminishing returns of hardware upgrades, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting dramatic re-works of the consoles anytime soon. Whether the Series S can keep up with the latest games developed for more powerful machines in the meantime will be the main question. Regardless, Xbox continues to make strides in improving its offerings and services. They have proven their willingness to listen to fans, make necessary changes, and offer a gaming experience that appeals to everyone, showcased by their robust Xbox Game Pass offering and the Xbox Insider program. For more details on the upcoming changes and the new Carbon Black Xbox Series S, visit the official Xbox website.