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How to withdraw money from FBS bonus account?

Annelise Sylta



Operating in over 150 countries and having more than 23,000,000 traders partnered with them, FBS is an online brokering platform founded in 2009 that provides its clients with trading training materials and technologies and the latest strategies regarding the Forex market. These technologies and techniques help the newbies as well as the professional traders. Today’s post will focus on how you can withdraw money from your FBS bonus account.

Withdraw money from the FBS bonus account

FBS allows you to withdraw the profit gained by its users. But before making a transfer, users are required to verify their accounts. Users can withdraw the money by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. In your account’s personal area, select the Finances option and the ‘withdrawal’ option.
  2. Select your preferred payment method and choose the ‘withdraw’ button.  
  3. Users are then required to select the FBS account they wish to withdraw the funds from and fill in all the necessary details.
  4. After filling in the necessary details, enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Select the ‘confirm’ button.

Can the FBS bonus be withdrawn?

No, FBS Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but once you start trading, your profits can be transferred later. FBS provides its users a $50 Bonus to begin selling when they register on the FBS app or website. 

How do I transfer the FBS bonus profit to a real account?

To transfer the bonus profit, go to your Real account and trade the required lots. If you do not have sufficient funds for trading, deposit additional money, and it will take just a few clicks to deposit in FBS Trader.

The payment to transfer measures the following: for every secure lot, you can withdraw $3 of the bonus profit (or $1.5 if with a hedge). If you trade stocks, then for every sold lot of stock, you can withdraw 25% of your part of a commission for the traded stock (or 12.5% if with a hedge).

When can I withdraw from the FBS bonus?

You can withdraw the bonus you have earned within 30 active days of trading. FBS follows the rule that if you want to withdraw the funds, you must have spent 30 days trading, excluding the weekends.

Can I withdraw from FBS without verification?

No, you cannot withdraw funds without verification on FBS. If you want to trade your money in your bank account, then you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Log in to your Personal Area
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Confirm your phone
  4. Verify your identity


FBS allows users to withdraw the profit gained on trading; the same process is in the above sections. However, before making a transfer, users are required to verify their accounts.

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