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Wisor AI Raises $8 Million Seed Funding for Freight Booking Software Solution

Cam Speck



Wisor AI Raises $8 Million Seed Funding for Freight Booking Software Solution

A new wave of innovation is taking the global freight industry by storm and Israeli Fintech startup Wisor AI is at the forefront of it. The company recently announced that it has raised $8 million in seed funding for its freight booking software solution – a plug and play technology that automates the manual process of aggregating pricing data and optimizing shipping routes across global freight ecosystems. This market is estimated to be worth $23.3 trillion dollars with 300,000 freight forwarders handling deliveries to consumers around the globe. Unfortunately, disruptions caused by Covid-19 pandemic have led to significant losses and manual processes have become a hindrance in an age where technologies such as artificial intelligence are making newer working models possible.

This was one of the key reasons why CEO Raz Ronen co-founded Wisor AI – to take legacy industries into the future with technological advancements. The Wisor AI freight booking software solution promises a comprehensive end-to-end system for all forwarding processes, something which Team 8 Capital partner Hadar Siterman Norris believes will put Wisor in a position of prominence within this large industry going forward. With this additional funding, Ronen believes they can finally reach their full potential and open up more options for merchants, retailers, suppliers and customers alike. There is no doubt that this sector is ripe with opportunities – both with current players who need to modernize their operations or startups looking to capitalize on innovative solutions such as those offered by Wisor AI.

This investment will certainly help bring about some stability within a volatile sector and could prove to be an instrumental step forward in furthering progress within this ever expanding industry in days ahead. The future of freight and logistics looks brighter than ever before and with companies like Wisor AI playing a pivotal role in reshaping it, the possibilities seem endless.

With their game changing technology and talented team, Wisor AI has set itself up for success and is poised to revolutionize the way people send goods around the world. Only time will tell how far the company can go, but for now, this milestone is certainly a great start.

It will be interesting to see how Wisor AI continues to leverage this investment and what new milestones they can achieve in the days ahead. There is no doubt that the global freight industry will continue to evolve and companies like Wisor AI could play a major role in propelling this sector forward. With their innovative technology and forward thinking approach, they have already set themselves up for success and it won’t be long before we see further groundbreaking developments from them.

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