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Do wireless chargers work through cases?

Annelise Sylta



phone charging wirelessly

Not finding a place to plug in the charger, well, you can use wireless chargers. Wireless chargers are easy to use. They charge the phones wherever and whenever you need them. But with the wireless chargers making their way in the market, questions have been raised about their working, safety, etc. A question also arises do wireless chargers work through cases? Or which phone cases are suitable for wireless charging? Let’s dig deep to find the answers.

Wireless chargers-

Wireless chargers are of two types- inductive and resonant.

An inductive wireless charger works through direct contact between the charger and the phone. The wireless charger and the phone must be connected and aligned to the charging coils inside the phone.

Resonant wireless charger do not require direct physical contact but need to have specific proximity for the phone to charge.

Inductive wireless chargers are more common and in popular demand in the market.

How do wireless chargers work?-

Wireless chargers work through electromagnetic induction by transferring energies to devices in proximity that are synergic to the technology. Not all batteries are suitable for wireless charging. Most new phones manufactured by Apple and Samsung are suitable for wireless charging.

Will wireless charging work through a case?

Yes, wireless chargers can work through cases. Most phone cases do not interfere with the process of wireless charging. However, some cases with specific designs or materials can slow the charging process or block it.

Cases that are suitable for wireless charging-

One can prefer phone cases made of plastic, silicone, rubber, leather, synthetic, and biodegradable cases for wireless charging. Cases made with these materials do not interrupt the charging process and are suitable for wireless charging.

Cases that are not suitable for wireless charging-

One should not prefer cases that are too thick (above 5mm) or made with metal. These cases slow the charging and sometimes block the energy transferred to the battery causing interference.

Case compatible-

Phone cases do not affect the wireless charging system. Wireless charging pads are designed for easy and convenient usage of the charger; thus, it works well with any average case. But, it works best with a thin plastic case up to 3mm.

FAQs about wireless charging-

  1. Will wireless charging work through a case? Yes.
  2. How thick can be the phone case for wireless charging? The phone case should not be thicker than 3 to 5mm.
  3. Do I need to remove the case to use a wireless charging pad? No, you need not remove the case.
  4. Can a wireless charger work with a metal case? No, it will not work with a metal case, plus, it is harmful.
  5. Are some smartphone cases better for wireless charging? Yes, cases made of plastic and silicon are much better for wireless charging.

Best wireless chargers-

In case you need to buy one, below are the links of the best wireless chargers-

  1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand
  2. Apple MagSafe charger
  3. Logitech Powered 3-in-1 dock

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