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Tech Partners with Honeywell to Launch high-tech Xupermask

Esperanza Gomez



Musician, one of the leading investors in Beats Electronics and Tesla, is set to launch revamped face mask as his next venture. This member of the Black Eyed Peas group announced the Xupermask, a tech-based face mask with Bluetooth connectivity, noise-canceling earbuds, and the HEPA filtration, in partnership with Honeywell.

Selling at $200, the mask comes in small/medium and medium/large sizes. The shipping across the US will start from April 8 and consumers can place the orders from Xupermask’s website. This mask is a concept-based and game-changing mask designed to help people fulfill the regulations while staying in style., talking to US Today stated that the Xupermask idea came in during the attempts to address the concerns like fogged eyeglasses, or muffled voices while seeing people wearing the normal loose-fit facemasks and earbuds.

He says, “When they got phone calls, they took the mask off and the earbuds fell on the floor, then the mask fell on the floor, and then the whole point was pointless because everything got dirty.”

John Waldron, CEO and president of Safety and Product Solutions at Honeywell, stated that it was an obvious fit after confronting the world’s renowned investor trying to address certain concern faced by the consumers around the world “having a great performing and fashionable mask that you could use for the whole day,” in an interview.

The XUPERKIT coming with the mask has a carrying case, USB-C charging cable, a fabric mask, multi-size earpieces, and HEPA filter supplies for three months.

The Xupermask comes with a customized head strap for an excellent fit, three dual-speed fans for airflow inside the mask, high-frequency particulate filtration (HEPA), and filters to be replaced in a 30-day cycle.

The magnetic earbud docking system, LED lights, and microphone with noise cancellation technology come included with the mask having a 7-hour battery life. This innovation is a smart move to deal with mid and post-pandemic situations ergonomically, as stated by the manufacturers in Xupermask’s press release post. says he had initial plans to make some hundred masks for his people before collaborating with Honeywell. He says that he was always an early bird, early mouse, and the first mouse to be trapped in case of certain things. “But every single one of them that I’ve invested in – does it solve a problem?”

Fans of Black Eyed Peas might be familiar with these Xupermasks as was spotted wearing one in Shakira’s “Girl Like Me” group video.

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