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Why is the manufacturing industry important to the economy?

Annelise Sylta



Manufacturing is a vital part of the economy. It is one of the significant and fastest developing industries in all parts of the world. Because manufacturing is such a large sector, it is crucial to understand what it does for the overall economy and why it is vital compared to other industries.

Importance of the Manufacture Industry to the Economy

Manufacturing is one of the fundamental industries that allows the country to meet its people’s needs and plays an essential role in shaping the nation’s economic growth. The industry’s variety makes it a vast industry to get into. Let’s understand its significance under the following heads.

1. Manufacturing helps boost the economy

The manufacturing industry is one such sector that works on day-to-day activities and provides everyday items, making it essential for the economy’s growth.

  • The manufacturing industry is the country’s backbone because it converts raw materials into finished products necessary for usage. The innovation introduced in the manufacturing industry has also led to several ways of using raw materials for different purposes. With different techniques in the manufacturing industry, it contributes to a higher GDP.
  • From preparing pins to pens, the manufacturing industry is the one that meets the needs of society. It helps boost the economy by creating goods that people need every day — from cars and computers to clothes and furniture.
  • Manufacturing acts as an economic multiplier because it creates jobs at many different levels in different industries across the country — not just in manufacturing itself but also in related fields such as transportation, distribution and retail sales.
  • It generates new methods and means to produce goods, and that would ultimately impact our economic growth.

II. Social Impact of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry not only boosts economic progress in the nation but also assists in social development. The significance of the manufacturing industry cannot be restricted to specific vital points; instead, it flourishes in every aspect and nurtures society.

  • The manufacturing industry increases the rate of employment. It creates jobs at every level — from entry-level to executive-level management positions. Manufacturing creates high-wage jobs for skilled workers.
  • It significantly reduces the percentage of poverty and increases the standard of living. 
  • The importance of the manufacturing industry directly correlates to employment, growth, advancements, the standard of living, literacy, etc.
  • It helps the country move from the developing to the developed stage and provides society with a better life. It gives way to earning a livelihood for millions and establishes a robust base for the country’s economy.
  • The manufacturing industry helps the nation move towards modernization.

III. Manufacturing supports other sectors

A thriving manufacturing sector also means more jobs and business opportunities for other industries and services, such as shipping and transportation, technology, IT, accounting, and finance.

  • The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in trade and commerce and increases domestic and international trade.
  • Other industries depend on manufacturing, and everyone benefits when manufacturing is in a good state. Manufacturing can also help other industries succeed by providing parts, materials, equipment, and more.


Productivity is one of the most critical factors for economic growth, and the manufacturing industry provides the same to the nation. Therefore, for the economy’s growth and progress, the manufacturing industry’s importance cannot be ignored.  Also, check the importance of Franchising.

Anne Lise is an MBA graduate with a passion for doing business research and fashion reviews. She has been with Busybodytribune for over 4 years now, and is the lead editor for the magazine.

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