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Why do LED Lights Flicker?

Annelise Sylta



Why do LED Lights Flicker

Why do LED lights flicker? Well, if you too have this question, then you are not alone. Before getting an answer, let’s understand how LED works first.

An electronic driver controls LED fixtures/bulbs. Depending on the quality of the fixture/bulb, some are more susceptible to noise and voltage fluctuations than others. So, why do LED lights flicker?? There could be a variety of factors. One of the main reasons is that LED bulbs are more likely to flicker or dim in your home if there are voltage fluctuations in the wiring.

Why do LED lights flicker?

When electrical loads in your home turn on and off, voltage levels fluctuate, which can cause LED lights to dim or flicker on occasion. Other factors, however, could be causing your lights to dim or flicker. Take a look at the following:

#1. Appliances generate inrush current

When you first turn on certain appliances in your home, they require more power. The voltage drops due to the inrush current of motors in appliances, and if the lights are on the same circuit, the lights may dim. This holds for a variety of lighting types, including LED.

#2. Wiring that isn’t secure

Loose connections or circuits are another common cause of flickering in LED bulbs. There is a simple fix for this. Simply tighten the LED bulb to see if this resolves the issue. If the fixture is dusty, first blow out the connection points to remove the dust before reinstalling the bulb.

It’s also possible that there’s some loose wiring at the fixture’s connection point. A licensed electrician will turn off the power to the fixture and tighten the wiring to ensure it is safe and secure. If multiple light fixtures dim simultaneously, the electrician will check the panel and junction box to ensure that all connections are properly secured.

#3. Compatibility with dimmers

You may have a non-dimmable light in a dimmable fixture if some existing and even new dimmer switches are incompatible with LED lighting. This can be resolved by carefully reading the labeling on your bulbs and fixtures and ensuring that you have the correct bulb for the job.

How do you get rid of LED flickering?

LED flickering

Now that you know why do LED lights flicker, you must find a solution. LED flickering can be traced back to the lamp’s driver component. The LED driver’s primary goal is to use a simple circuit to control the output current. Still, the LED is more likely to show visible flicker if the frequency isn’t changed. However, you can fix this issue using constant current drivers, which remove the sine wave’s peaks.

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There should be no flicker if the LED bulb’s driver design meets the requirements for both a stable DC and adequate ripple suppression. It was most likely made with low-cost driver components if your LED lamp flickers (and you aren’t dimming it). Although LED lighting technology has advanced to the point where this should not occur, some businesses care more about their bottom line than the health of their customers.

Why do LED Lights Flicker – The bottom line

LEDs have been adopted by the lighting industry as a future energy-efficient lighting solution over the last decade. That’s understandable given the benefits they provide.

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However, it is not enough to just know “why do LED lights flicker.”  What is more important is to avoid the adverse effects of LED flicker. For that, keep the following points in mind:

  • Always use a specially designed LED power supply to power LED products. Use only LED strips that are not powered by mains AC!
  • Double-check that all of your LED products are compatible with your control circuits and power supply.
  • Look for faulty connections and loose wiring. Also, check to see if your LED dimmers aren’t overloaded.
  • Use a constant-current LED driver if possible.
  • When installing a dimming system, see a minimum dimming level below which you should not go.

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