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Whitney Wolfe: Career Networking Just Got Easier with Bumble Bizz




Whitney Wolfe: Career Networking Just Got Easier with Bumble Bizz

The internet is used for an enormous number of purposes today. Whether an individual is looking for a new career or an exciting date, it seems that the answer may lie online. Recent statistics indicate that as many as 40 million Americans of all backgrounds and ages rely on online dating apps in order to round out their social lives. With the advent of smartphones, an even larger number of adults and young adults are using apps to find friends and romantic interests. Why the shift toward electronic assistance with tasks that used to be performed the old-fashioned way?

Part of the answer lies simply in a changing of the times toward a more technologically inclined generation of people. In addition to that, however, more people are living exceptionally busy lives than ever before. This cuts into the time and freedom they may have once had to go out and meet people in more traditional ways. Additionally, more young people move to larger cities upon graduating from college in order to find acceptable employment. These individuals may experience a lonely transitional period, urging them to seek out acquaintances on the internet through various websites and apps. Whatever the cause, socialization online is a trend that isn’t going to fade anytime soon. In fact, many are now using an interesting new app to find opportunities to network in an effort to advance their careers. Who is Whitney Wolfe and what is Bumble Bizz? The following information will answer these questions and more.

What is Bumble?

Bumble is a unique and innovative dating app that boasts over 20 million worldwide users. Created by a young woman by the name of Whitney Wolfe, Bumble was initially started to give much-needed control back to women in terms of the so-called dating game. Whitney Wolfe noticed a serious flaw in most dating apps and websites. The overwhelming majority of them gave the reins of control to the men in the situation, leaving the women at their mercy and out of control of their own romantic destiny. Bumble set out to change that, by giving female users the exclusive right of making the first contact with a party they were interested in getting to know on a more personal level.

With the Bumble app, the female is always in the lead. By simply swiping left or right on another user’s profile, she can demonstrate an interest in a potential romantic partner and initiate the first contact. Since women have often been left to wait for men to seek them out on websites or apps, this can have a lasting effect on their confidence levels and willingness to venture out of their comfort zones. With Bumble, women around the globe can experience a boost of confidence and feel more in control of their dating lives.

Bumble Branches into Bumble BFF

After the initial success of Bumble in regards to the dating scene, the app branched out into another realm of helping its users expand their horizons. Bumble BFF is a successful spin-off of the Bumble app. It was designed to help forge exciting new friendships in an uncertain world where many simply don’t have time to go out and socialize. Bumble BFF allows members to meet like-minded individuals who share common interests and goals. Since many young people just starting their careers do not have the personal time and freedom to go out and make friends in more traditional ways, Bumble BFF has been a hugely successful way for these individuals to create lasting bonds with others who share their common interests.

What is Bumble Bizz?

As evidence of a constantly changing world, Bumble continues to advance right along with it. The exciting new addition of Bumble Bizz was designed to help Bumble users advance their careers in a more technologically advanced manner. Available to Bumble users within the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK, Bumble Bizz boasts the ability to help users seek networking connections that can have a powerful influence over their current and future careers.

Protection for Those Seeking Safe Networking Options

With Bumble Bizz, users must upload a current photograph and have their identity verified before creating a short biographical blurb about themselves and their current career information. There are some very specific layers of protection added to the Bumble Bizz feature to ensure that users feel safe from harassment or unwanted sexual advancements. As it turns out, users of platforms such as LinkedIn have experienced sexually explicit messages or people that have reached out to them in order to seek dates. As many know, LinkedIn is a website dedicated to advancing career connections, not upping an individual’s dating game. This means that these types of comments and messages have caused some female users to feel vulnerable or even refuse to accept requests for professional connections from men.

Bumble Bizz was designed to take away these fears and feelings of vulnerability by allowing women to have more control of the situation in respect to networking as well as dating. Bumble’s photo identification process keeps fraudulent users out of the system, providing the first layer of protection. The Bumble Bizz portion of the app also provides users with a proper space to post their resume, build a well-rounded bio, and list their skills and examples of their work. Best of all, this can be done in a setting that is safe and free from unsolicited propositions from others.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe is a young and innovative entrepreneur who began her already successful career by co-founding the successful dating app known as Tinder. When she left Tinder, Whitney Wolfe was distraught at the lack of control women typically have over their dating lives. She set out to help create a way around this problem, and Bumble was created as a result of that effort. Whitney Wolfe has always had a mind for business and a creative spirit. Born in Utah, Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University and later started her own business while still in college. She worked hard at this business, creating and selling tote bags to assist those affected by the BP oil spill that occurred during that time. Whitney Wolfe has a creative mind and a spirit set on helping others as much as possible. She continues to let this passion drive her to create new and better ways for young adults all over the world to safely connect with others.

Whether individuals are looking to make new friends, find a romantic partner, or enhance their career opportunities, the appeal of using the internet to perform these tasks is astronomical. More individuals than ever before rely on sophisticated technology to expand their horizons on both a personal and professional level. Whitney Wolfe and fellow creators of technologically advanced apps have played a crucial role in furthering this exciting trend that allows for a more connected universe. It will be exciting to see where modern technology and the advancements that come from it will take the social trends of upcoming generations.

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