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What is a LockDown Browser?

Annelise Sylta



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LockDown Browser is the customized internet browser used mostly by higher educational institutions to lock down the screen on which the students are taking the test so that no other activities such as print, copy, or opening other applications or web pages are allowed.

LockDown Browser is used to secure the online testing environment. As the name suggests, it locks the student screen for the testing period, till they submit their assignments for grading. One drawback of a LockDown Browser is that it doesn’t record or monitor student’s activities. For this solution, the lockdown browser is accompanied by a Respondus monitor. A Respondus Monitor is an additional instructor-enabled feature of the LockDown Browser. It records video and audio using webcams safe exam environment, limiting the options for students to cheat. Lockdown browser can be operated on applications, Windows and Mac.

Features of LockDown Browser-

  1. The screen cannot be minimized, the assessments work only in full-screen.
  2. Only Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop options are shown on the toolbar, all other options are removed.
  3. No other applications can be accessed.
  4. Print, print screen and capture functions are disabled.
  5. Prohibition of copying and pasting to and from the assessment.
  6. You cannot leave the site till you submit assessments for grading.
  7. Task switching, right-click menu, and function keys are also disabled.
  8. Assessments work only on LockDown Browser if they are set up using the same. They will not be accessed with other browsers.

Reasons to use LockDown Browser-

  1. Prevents digital cheating during online testing. Everything is locked down till the exam is submitted.
  2. It is ideal for learning management systems.
  3. Blocks application switching.
  4. Protects exam questions as lockdown browser blocks and functions that can be used to print, copy, or screen share the questions.
  5. Protects the integrity of online testing and provides confidence to faculty.
  6. LockDown Browser can be used on Windows, Mac, and iPad devices.
  7. Help save paper costs, thus, helps to protect the environment.
  8. Lockdown browser is easy to install and use.
  9. Lockdown browser comes with training resources and free webinars for instructors, thus, make the process easy.
  10. If one purchases an annual license of lockdown browser, it comes with 200 free seats of Respondus monitor.
  11. LockDown Browser offers a free trial of 2 months to the institutions where they can explore all the features of it and then decide if it suits their criteria.
  12. If the institution purchases annual licensing, it allows unlimited use of the lockdown browser without any disturbances.

Tips for instructors and students-

  1. Students should be made aware of the LockDown Browser and how it works. This is important if they have to install the program on their computers.
  2. Students should be given a practice exam to experience the working of the Lockdown Browser. If students face any difficulty, it can be resolved before the actual test.
  3. Instructors should preview the exam by logging in as a student. It generates the authenticity of test passwords.
  4. If instructors use audio and video files in the test, they should be embedded in the questions themselves. This way the students can access the audio/video files without any difficulty.

Hope this answers the question what is lockdown browser exhaustively. If you want to know more about Respondus LockDown Browser, click here.

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