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Welcome, New Digital Art Gallery to Display your NFTs

Jaleel M



The current fad of crypto-collectibles seems insatiable. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) market is exploding from the very beginning of 2021 and there is no stopping it right now. Many celebrities, artists, creators and even other public figures are minting millions out of their digital assets.

If you are a digital art creator, NFTs could allow you to enter into a block chain network. If you have a NFT asset, you have a tokenized form of the real-world assets. Nonetheless, the NFTs cannot be interchanged with each other.

There was a NFT explosion into mainstream exchanges when Beeple’s NFT was sold for a record-breaking $69.3 million. This created history as the most expensive digital art sold ever. Thus, it encouraged celebrities and public figures to en-cash their fandom and give little pieces of their digital assets out for auction as NFTs. To the bandwagon of an NFT led era, Jack Dorsey, Linsey Lohan and Paris Hilton joined as well. From virtual houses, songs, tweets, to even The New York Times article, everything is on a sell-able mode online in the form of a NFT.

Thus, everyday you see the news, there is another NFT sold for a whopping price. With a demand for NFTs, there is also a complementary demand for NFT marketplaces. These marketplaces are platforms wherein NFTs can be bought and sold. Despite the current fad and wave for the NFTs, the digital art creators still lacked a cosmopolitan and rather global platform wherein they could portray their art. A centralized NFT platform would definitely work wonders and present opportunities to digital art creators. Large businesses are already considering how to make the most of this opportune wave of NFT.

Well, digital art creators must rejoice as Mark Cuban, best known as a Billionaire Entrepreneur and the co-host of Shark Tank, has entered the game with a solution. Cuban has launched a digital art gallery that can be used by digital art creators to display their NFTs. The website is called and if in its own words, is “the lazy way to show off your NFTs.” As of now, the website is on a beta mode.

It is simple to use and doesn’t pose unnecessary requirements. All you would need to do as a digital art creator is to follow a 3-step process to showcase your NFT to the world.

First, you create an account with Second, your account needs to be connected and integrated with your wallet. As the third and last step, you need to add your unique URL to the bios of your social media accounts.

Digital art creators are already rooting for for the presentation of their arts and NFTs. The platforms promises and plans to come up with more features to ensure better engagement and presentation of the NFTs. Hope this turns out to be the global platform that the digital art creators have been wanting. So far, there certainly high hopes with



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