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Latest Vision Restoration Therapy in India




The latest vision therapy interventions reported recently in Chennai and Bengaluru have ushered in hope for patients with complete and partial vision loss. Complete and partial vision loss can be present at birth or occur during life due to sickness or accident. Reliable news channels have confirmed the reports, and now the public looks forward to more news from this sector regarding further developments. As per current reports, latest vision restoration therapy was able to restore 80% to 90 % of vision sensation in patients with complete vision loss.

Stem cell therapy and vision restoration

As per February 14, 2022 news report by popular channel Hindustan Times, a renowned Chennai-based retina foundation center was able to restore 90 % vision in a completely blind patient with the injection of stem cells. The stem cells were injected using a technique called the retrobulbar technique. A single unit of stem cell injection comprises 360 million stem cells. The patient was blinded due to accidental consumption of methanol three years ago and suffered a condition called optical atrophy. Optic atrophy has been considered an incurable eye condition that occurs due to permanent damage of the optical nerves. The researcher doctor from Nainital, Himanshu Bansal, injected the patient with two units of stem cells from his bone marrow, and the patient was kept under observation. Within three weeks, the patient reported rapid progress in vision restoration, and his vision was restored by more than 90 % of normal vision.

We may think that the therapy would have cost the patient an unimaginable amount, but the whole process costs only INR 80,000 to the US-based NRI. Not only does the doctor at the hospital perform what is being termed as a miracle by the medical fraternity, but that too at so much affordable a cost to the patient.

The doctor aims to make vision restoration in India cheaper by 80%

Earlier on January 25, 2022, popular news channels brought to the forefront the endeavors of Bangalore-based doctor Dr. Jogin Desai, CEO of a company called Eye Stem. The doctor is working on eye restoration cell therapy and aims to make the therapy 80 % cheaper in India. A treatment that can cost around INR 3.5 crore in the western developed countries would cost only 10 % of that amount in India. The doctor aims not to reserve cell therapy only for a privileged few people who can afford a whopping sum. The founder and CEO of the Indian cell therapy company are working towards democratizing cell therapy and making it available and mainly affordable to all who may need eye restoration cell therapy.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are miracle cells found in certain body parts, like in the bone marrow. These are called magic cells, as these can grow into any required cells for the body. For example, the stem cells grow as ocular cells if injected into ocular parts. The stem cells would grow as cardiac cells if injected into cardiac parts. Doctors use stem cells to grow cells in tissues that have become damaged due to permanent cell destruction.

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