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VC Insiders Decide the Fate of Struggling Startups

Cam Speck



VC Insiders Decide the Fate of Struggling Startups

The present state of the startup world is uncertain, as the fate of many companies hangs in the balance. Valuations have risen and costs have been cut during the pandemic, yet early-to-mid stage companies still require more investments to stay afloat. To make matters worse, venture capitalists don’t appear to be providing any assistance. Investor Tom Loverro has predicted a “mass extinction” of businesses that were previously supported by VCs, while other investors are said to offer aid to only half their portfolio companies at best. This is particularly worrying, considering that research from PitchBook indicates there will be more capital requested than supplied in Q4 2022. Furthermore, venture capitalists need time before they can gather resources for new funds, meaning there is an absence of support when founders need it most.

As such, it is essential for startups to take control of their own destinies and secure financing instead of leaving their lives and livelihoods up to others; survival depends on it. This lack of capital isn’t just limited to startups either; small businesses must also take proactive steps towards keeping themselves afloat in order to compete with larger organizations. Improving cash flow is key here — making sure invoices are paid on time and optimizing payment terms with suppliers can help a business stay afloat during difficult times and even after them. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunny news: some economists predict that companies unable to cope with these difficult conditions may eventually go bankrupt or struggle financially in the future. It’s no wonder venture capitalists aren’t as willing as they used to be when it comes to investing in startups — especially given current economic trends — but there are still opportunities available if entrepreneurs know what they’re doing and who they’re dealing with.

Ultimately, one thing remains certain: securing capital during this trying period requires founders and businessmen alike to take decisive action rather than relying solely on external forces for success — or even survival itself. It’s a scary reality, but one that must be faced head-on if businesses want to make it through these difficult times. In the end, VC insiders are still largely in charge of whether or not struggling startups will survive — and the fate of many lies in their hands. However, entrepreneurs have more control than they think when it comes to their own destiny — and those who take the initiative may be able to secure the capital they need to survive and thrive. With careful planning, decisive action and a bit of luck, it may just be possible for startups to make it through these difficult times intact.

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