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U.S. Postal Service Announces Stamp Price Increase Amid Financial Struggles

Ashley Waithira



From Sunday forward, mailing a letter in the US will get more expensive. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is raising stamp prices from 66 cents to 68 cents for letters weighing one ounce or less. This increase is a strategy by USPS to address their financial woes, given they’re facing a huge $160 billion deficit expected over the coming ten years.

Impact on Package Shipping Costs

Stamp prices are going up, and so is the cost to ship packages. You’ll be paying almost 6% more for:

  • Priority Mail Express, which will shoot up by 5.9%.
  • Regular Priority Mail is jumping by 5.7%.
  • Ground Advantage is climbing too, by 5.4%. That’s the fifth time in two years – shipping’s getting pricier, isn’t it?

Forever Stamps and Their Adjustments

The price of Forever stamps, everyone’s favorite from USPS, is going up too. They started selling these stamps in 2007 for 41 cents. The deal with Forever stamps is that you can use them to send a letter any time, even if the cost to mail stuff goes up later. So even though the new price is 68 cents, any Forever stamps you already bought at the cheaper price are still good to go.

The “Delivering for America” Plan

Prices have gone up again, and it’s all part of the USPS’s “Delivering for America” strategy. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy started this in 2021. He wanted to improve the Postal Service and prevent it from losing cash. However, many people are criticizing the strategy since prices continue to rise sharply despite there being less mail and ongoing financial issues.

Congressional Response and Public Opinion

The USPS’s rate increase strategy has prompted a response from more than a dozen members of Congress. Led by Missouri Representatives Emanuel Cleaver (D, Mo.) and Sam Graves (R, Mo.), a letter to the Postal Service governors urges a reassessment of the impact of these increases on mail volume and the long-term viability of the USPS.

Key Changes and Historical Context

  • The price of metered 1-ounce letters will increase to 64 cents, up from 63 cents.
  • Domestic postcard rates will rise to 53 cents, from 51 cents.
  • International postcards and 1-ounce letters will cost $1.55, a 5-cent increase.
  • Costs for sending letters by certified mail and insuring packages are also set to increase. 

Future Outlook and Concerns

The ongoing rate increases are part of the USPS’s broader strategy to achieve financial sustainability. However, there is growing concern among advocates and former officials like Kevin Yoder, executive director of Keep US Posted, about the potential adverse effects of these increases on traditional mail services.

Preparing for Future Increases

Expecting more stamp price hikes soon, it’s smart for buyers to buy Forever stamps now to get them at today’s prices. This approach is a hit with people trying to soften the blow of constant increases.

Challenges Faced by Non-Contiguous States and Territories

The rise in prices is hitting people who live in places like Alaska and Hawaii the hardest. They’re seeing costs go up by more than nine percent, which has caused a stir among politicians. Alaska’s Senator Dan Sullivan spoke up about it, arguing that it’s unfair to let location lead to penalties. There’s a worry that these price hikes can really hurt residents who are already dealing with expensive living conditions and rely heavily on the USPS for their essential needs.


The USPS is struggling with money issues and these price changes are causing a lot of worry for customers and the mailing industry. The “Delivering for America” plan is meant to help the Postal Service save cash, but everyone is going to keep an eye on whether this works out or if it messes with how good the service is. If you want to know more about how prices are changing at USPS or about its “Delivering for America” plan, visit the official USPS website.

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