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uSnap.Us Aces Kiwi Startup Weekend




Picture-6-300x192After 54 hours of pitching, researching, coding and designing – uSnap.Us emerged as the winner of Startup Weekend Wellington. Despite the fact that it was the first Startup Weekend ever held in New Zealand’s capital, the event attracted around 100 participants; further cementing the reputation of the city as a creative hub for start-ups.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the uSnap.Us team included a number of luminaries from the Wellington tech community involved with companies that have already been mentioned on this blog. The team was led by Owen Evans (chief architect at Xero) with able assistance from Jacob Creech (IntuitionHQ co-founder). The Startup Weekend judging panel also featured a stellar lineup including Mike delPrete, founder ofAgora Games and founding editor of tech blog Read Write Web, Richard MacManus.

uSnap.Us aggregates photo images from wedding guests allowing absent friends to view the nuptials in real time. Evans had a “Eureka!” moment and dreamed up the concept whilst in the bath a few days prior to Startup Weekend. He also found Startup Weekend quite an eye-opener.  “I got to see all the steps that go into validation of an idea, how to build those initial financials, how to really get some great feedback from the community at large, and how to build that special minimum viable product”, he said in an effusive blog article posted shortly afterwards.

With the success of this event, organisers are already planning for an event in the earthquake damaged city of Christchurch.  New Zealand Startup Weekend initiator Jason Armishaw, who has been facilitating Startup Weekend events all over Malaysia during the last few weeks, is enthusiastic about the proposed Christchurch event. Startup Weekend is simply the best way to rapidly engage, organise and motivate new ventures. “It’s a small but valuable contribution we can make towards the huge task of getting Christchurch back on its feet”, he said.

The full list of Wellington Startup Weekend projects is available here.

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