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Ashley Benson Denies Using Diet Drugs for Weight Loss

Ryan Lenett



Ashley Benson, the famous actress from Pretty Little Liars, recently spoke on social media about rumours that she used diet injections to lose weight after having her first baby. She had her baby with Brandon Davis in February and she is now 34 years old.

Rumours Circulating

The whispers began after she uploaded an image to Instagram of herself wearing a black tank top and grey sweatpants. She added “My favorite hat” as a caption. People started commenting on the picture, suggesting that she had taken Ozempic, a drug for type 2 diabetes that is also known for its weight loss effects.

She then posted a screenshot of the comments on her Instagram Stories and said “I know many people use Ozempic and I respect their choice. However, it’s not right to dismiss people who worked hard to get their after baby body like me.”

Dedicated Fitness Regimen

Benson stressed how much effort she put into exercising after having her baby. She said going back to work made her concentrate on healthy living and fitness as she wanted to feel confident again. Melissa Wood Tepperberg’s wellness app helped Benson in this journey.

As of recent times, it has been widely talked about how celebrities are using Ozempic for weight loss. Rebel Wilson spoke out in April about trying the drug in 2020 mainly for maintenance purposes. Similarly, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, openly admitted using it in May 2023 while Gracie (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s daughter) talked about taking it during a health struggle last year.

Starting a Family

In February end, their daughter was born, three months after a photograph of Benson showing a pregnant belly. It was also around this time that Benson and Davis got married.

Soon after, she showed her pregnant belly on the cover of LADYGUNN magazine and spoke about how quickly she knew Davis was for her. She mentioned that she experienced personal growth and ironically met Brandon at the same time.

Davis proposed in July 2023, six months after they were first seen in public during a Los Angeles Lakers game. She recalls it as “an immediate connection” and remembers thinking, ‘I’m going to marry you’.”

A Show of Affection

After the proposal, Benson took to Instagram again to show off her diamond ring. A photo reposted by Davis shows Benson wearing it on her left hand. The couple seemed ecstatic about their engagement with captions like “Love of my life” from Davis and “My best friend I love you” from Ashley.

A source told ET that they are really happy in love with talks revolving around their future plans together.

Other Names Taking Up the Fight

Benson isn’t the only celeb turning down Ozempic rumours. Jesse Plemons said earlier this month that he opted for intermittent fasting for losing weight instead. He commented to the Los Angeles Times saying it doesn’t matter what people think but he indeed did not take Ozempic.

The star from Friday Night Lights chose not to take drugs but gave intermittent fasting a try which worked out well for him making him feel better than ever before.

Main Points

  • Rumours:  Ashley Benson denies using weight loss injections in response to comments on an Instagram selfie.
  • Reaction: Despite using hard work and commitment, she responds seriously against Ozempic rumours.
  • Story: Ashley Benson thanks the wellness app for putting her health in primary focus after childbirth.
  • Family: The birth of their daughter has been celebrated by Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis. Who have kept their followers updated on their family life.
  • Popular Discussion: Many celebrities’ usage of Ozempic and similar drugs for weight loss is a growing trend, with public response being variable.

Ashley Benson is dedicated to staying fit and healthy as she adapts to motherhood. Her commitment serves as inspiration, showing that true success often comes from hard work and dedication. She stands resolute against rumours and speculation, promoting a focus on personal health journeys.

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