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Understanding the different Types of Attitudes

Ryan Lenett



types of attitudes

The beliefs, emotions, and behaviors of a person toward an object, person, thing, or event make up their attitude. In addition, one’s experiences and upbringing can shape one’s attitudes. Therefore, a person’s personality is said to be defined by their attitude.

It is very important to be aware of the type of attitude we have. Read on to identify the type of attitude you have.

Factors which determine the type of attitude

The different types of attitudes are identified based on various psychological factors such as:

  1. Affective Component: How a person feels about a thing, a problem, an event, or a person.
  2. Behavioral Component: How a person’s attitude toward something affects their actions
  3. Cognitive Component: How a person’s attitude influences how they think and believe about something.

According to Winston Churchill,

“Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. If you are willing to perfect yourself, then you should watch your attitude.”


Types of Attitude

There are three different types of attitudes that can be identified amongst people.

  1. Positive Attitude
  2. Negative Attitude
  3. Neutral Attitude

Let us explore all about the different types of attitude in details.

1. Positive Attitude

A glass full kind of a guy is a positive optimistic person. A person with a positive attitude will be happy and content towards his life, his reactions will always be good and he looks forward to tomorrow. 


Positive Attitude

a. Confidence:

Confidence is one of the most identifiable trait of people with a positive attitude. People who have a plus or positive mindset are usually automatically rewarded with this. 

b. Happiness:

A happy mind is a haven for all of one’s good qualities. Positive people are generally content and happy.

c. Sincerity:

A person with a positive attitude is frequently found to be sincere. He or she is aware of the work that needs to be done and understands that the only way out of a situation is to work through it. 

d. Determination:

One of the most rewarding aspects of having a positive attitude is determination. To get things done the way you want, you’ll need the right mix of hard work, effort, and determination. All impossibilities will be overcome by someone who is driven and determined.

e. Other chief characteristics:

Optimism, Sense of Responsibility, Flexibility, Reliability, Tolerance, Willingness to Adapt, Humility, Diligence, etc.

2. Negative Attitude

Person with a negative attitude will always look at the glass as half empty. Unfortunately, people with a pessimistic attitude tend to overlook the positive aspects of life and focus solely on all the bad in every situation, people and so on.


a. Anger

A person who has a negative mindset is frequently found to be angry. There may or may not be a specific reason for their rage. While a certain amount of rage is healthy, excessive rage only leads to destruction.

b. Doubt

A person can have doubts about a situations in life, but he or she should never doubt himself. Unfortunately, if you have a pessimistic mindset, you will doubt yourself frequently. Self-doubt prevents progress and frequently leads to a lack of confidence.

c. Frustration:

A frustrated person is a negative person. Frustration isn’t going to help you advance in your career. On the contrary, it irritates you, keeping you from taking any positive steps forward.

d. Other characteristics

Hatred, Complain, Pessimism, Resentment, Jealousy, Inferiority, etc.

3. Neutral Attitude

People with a neutral attitude are more or less immune to their surroundings. They do not care about what people think about them and go on in life with what they wish for. It can be helpful but can also lead to destruction. 


Complacence, Indifference, Detachment, Disconnect, Unemotional etc are the chief characteristics that can help us identify a person with a neutral attitude.

The Bottom Line

It is important to keep in mind that attitudes are learnt and can change over the course of our life. In fact, a person may display varieties of attitudes over the course of his life. We are not born with any type of attitude. We can all thus identify the type of attitude we have and consciously work towards a more positive attitude in all situations. 

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