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Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Find Their Working Sweet Spot




Become a Traveling Vineyard WIne Guide

When first hearing about the Wine Guide gig with Traveling Vineyard, some people might be tempted to brush it off as too good to be true. However, the company’s successful track record since 2001 of introducing new wines in a fun and relaxed way to women all over the country is reason alone to give this company another look.

Wine tastings sometimes have a pretentious connotation because many people tend to be intimidated by their relative lack of wine knowledge and the often confusing ways that wine experts tend to talk about different wines. Traveling Vineyard sought to turn this concept on its head almost two decades ago, and the result has been super fun wine tasting parties and opportunities for all different kinds of women to bond over their love of a good bottle of wine.

The premise of working as a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard is that you find friends and family members to host wine tasting parties in their homes. Guests get to sample some unique varieties of red, white and sparkling wines from the comfort of their friends’ homes. There is plenty of girl time and relaxed conversation at the wine tastings, which puts guests at ease about asking questions about the types of wines that they enjoyed most. Guests will have an opportunity to purchase the wines that they enjoyed, and Wine Guides earn a commission on each bottle sold..

Aside from the obvious perks of getting to sample and share some amazing wines, there are many financial perks to working as a Wine Guide. Unlike many other direct sales companies, Traveling Vineyard allows you to sell at your own pace and does not require any minimum monthly sales. This means that you can fit this job in on the side around any other career or family responsibilities that you may have. In addition, all of the costs of buying the initial starter kit to host your first parties can be easily earned back with your first sales. Even if you do earn this money back, you can still take full advantage of the tax deductions for all of your travel to different parties and buying products to sample. You can also enjoy a discount on all of the bottles of wine that Traveling Vineyard offers, which is one of the best perks at all for many women.

With so many different direct selling company options for women to choose from these days, Traveling Vineyard manages to rank much higher than the rest in terms of financial opportunities. There are only so many pieces of jewelry that women can justify buying from a particular brand, and overpriced candles only make an acceptable gift on a select number of occasions. However, wine is consumable, which means that when a customer finishes a bottle of wine that she enjoyed, she will be ready to place her order for the next bottle or try another one from that same collection for fun. There is no limit to how many bottles of wine you will be able to sell, and your selling potential is not tied to specific holidays or events. Even though wine makes a great gift for someone at any point during the year, it is most frequently bought by women to drink themselves.

If you are concerned about having to travel around to different homes to be able to sell wine at parties, you can rest assured that online sales also comprise a large portion of overall sales for Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. It is recommended that you launch your business with Traveling Vineyard by hosting as many home wine tasting parties as possible, but you are free to market to your existing customers directly through links to the online inventory. This means that you can operate your business from the comfort of your own home and can keep in touch with your existing customers throughout the year. There is also a monthly wine club option for customers, which offers a wide variety of wine choices on an automatic basis and at a discounted price. This is a popular way for many Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides to boost their sales and requires very little work at all on their part to keep the commissions coming.

If you are worried that all of these perks associated with Traveling Vineyard must be accompanied by high costs, you could not be more wrong. In addition to the initial starter kit, the only cost you need to worry about is the monthly fee to host your website. You will have access to training videos, accounting software to keep track of your orders, promotional materials and a large network of Wine Guides across the country for just $15.95 a month. This is another business cost that will be tax deductible for you. You can also earn back the cost of this service in a single sale, which means that it is really negligible in terms of launching your career as a Wine Guide. Your hostesses are rewarded with perks for sales from their wine tasting parties, which means that you are not obligated to compensate them in any way for allowing you to sell your products in their home. Some Wine Guides opt to thank their hostesses with a small token of appreciation, but most hostesses are thrilled to receive the discounts and free wine from inviting their girlfriends over to enjoy a night of great wine and even better socialization.

If you are still on the fence about whether working as a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard is the right call for you, consider the many other women that have come before you in finding success with this established company. You have the benefit of knowing that Traveling Vineyard is a trusted direct selling company and has a solid history of helping women around the nation to gain their financial independence and build an amazing network of colleagues and friends to inspire and expand their businesses.

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