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Best sites to trade gift cards for bitcoin

Ryan Lenett




Looking for sites to make some digital money through your earned gift cards, you are at the right place. This article will give you a gist about the sites where you can invest and trade gift cards for bitcoin, and also explain what are the benefits of trading gift cards for bitcoin? You must also be wondering what is all the hype about investing in bitcoin and is it of any value?

Bitcoin – How it works?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency created in the year 2009. Bitcoin is overlooked by a decentralized agency that offers transactions with minimal charges. Bitcoin is a network of systems that operate on a blockchain. It is digital, and the transactions are validated by the computing powers. The addition and verification of transaction records are done through the process of bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin acts as a source of payment for buying and selling of products or services, just like money. It uses peer-to-peer technology to promote instant payments. Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity and has seen a lot of people investing in digital currency for few years. Bitcoin can be bought on a bitcoin exchange or even you can trade your gift cards for the bitcoin.

Why trade gift cards for bitcoin?

Gift Cards often limit buying options to the site they are meant for. For example if you have an Xbox gift card, you can only use it for purchasing Xbox games and accessories. But you might not need anything. So, it makes perfect sense to free up your gift card by converting its value to bitcoin which will allow you to spend the amount on anything you want.

Benefits of trading gift cards for bitcoin

Trading gift cards for bitcoin is one of the best and most successful ways to trade for cryptocurrency. Also, gift cards act as an alternative to cash, so fulfills the need to buy, invest and trade in different areas, especially cryptocurrency such as ‘bitcoin’. It is an easy way of acceptance, and there is transparency between transactions.

The benefits we gain when we trade gift cards for bitcoin are:

  1. Bitcoin is the dominant crypto market to date.
  2. Trading gift cards for bitcoin is easy as it uses peer-to-peer marketplaces which provide low commission rates.
  3. Gift cards can be traded for bitcoin till they are not redeemed and are from reliable sources.
  4. The high accessibility of gift cards makes the process effortless to buy bitcoins.
  5. Gift cards are available all across the world, thus they can be accepted and traded to traders globally.
  6. When you don’t know what to do with your gift cards, you can trade them for buying bitcoin, which will act as an intangible asset.

Best sites to trade gift cards for bitcoin-

If you are confused about where to invest and trade gift cards for bitcoin, here is the list of best sites to trade gift cards for bitcoin.

1. Paxful –

Paxful is the leading site that gives access to the peer-to-peer marketplace. To use this site, you need to sign up for your Paxful account and trade gift cards for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

2. Local bitcoins –

Local bitcoins also operates on a peer-to-peer marketplace. Local bitcoins offer both options of buying and selling gift cards in exchange for bitcoins. The features offered by this platform provide an easy way to trade gift cards for bitcoins.

3. Local cryptos –

Local crypto is a safe platform to trade gift cards for bitcoin. Using local cryptos, you can directly communicate with the seller.

4. Coincola –

Coincola is another leading brand that operates on peer-to-peer technology for trading gift cards for bitcoin. You can choose to purchase or sell bitcoins with gift cards using the trading option on the coin cola platform.

5. Purse –

Purse allows you to trade Amazon and iTunes gift cards for bitcoin. When the user/retailer confirms the arrival of merchandise, you will receive your digital coin.

6. Coincards –

Coincards is only accessible to Canadian residents to trade gift cards for bitcoin.

7. Crypto voucher –

Crypto voucher is a platform that can be accessed globally. This platform authorizes bitcoin in exchange for gift cards.

So, trade gift cards for bitcoin and free up your options of purchase.

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