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Todd Lubar Recommends Real Estate Trends To Watch In 2018




If you are a real estate agent who wants to be a successful leader, you must pay attention to trends. As interest rates fluctuate and property values increase in many parts of the country, new patterns are emerging. I recommend considering these trends as we enter 2018.

Generation Z Buyers Are Increasing

People who were born in the 1980s and 1990s are buying more homes in every part of the country and especially in urban areas. Millennials are considered the most eclectic generation by economists. Studying their preferences and analyzing trends specific to their generation has been a challenge because of their varying preferences. Generation Z includes people who were born after 1995, and some of those young people are looking for their first homes now.

Generation Z is an important group to watch since economists estimate that they will become one of the most influential forces in the market by 2020. You must pay attention to what buyers from this generation want and turn that information into valuable tips for sellers. Also, identifying trends in buyer preferences can help you build your own targeted marketing strategies.

Home Automation Is Attractive

Since younger home buyers are growing in numbers and they love technology, home automation has become more common. Sellers can attract more buyers with home automation. Although total automation may be too expensive for some homeowners, adding even one automated feature can help. For example, a home with automated lights or shades is more likely to attract buyers than a home with no automated features.

A smart thermostat is also attractive and affordable. Security systems are becoming more affordable as well. Having a security system with cameras helps. Focus on highlighting gadgets and updated technologies throughout a home. As features evolve and demand for them increases, more companies will enter the market with competitive prices for their technologies.

Marketing Is Moving Toward Videos

Videos are optimal marketing tools since they combine visual and auditory elements. In recent months, marketers have noticed a spike in the popularity of temporary and live videos. A live video shows viewers that nothing has been edited or enhanced. For example, I can intrigue social media followers by announcing a live tour of a home on a certain date. If I time the video for when social media activity is at its highest, I will likely reach more viewers.

Posting a live tour video that emphasizes technologies and unique features in a home could entice more people to schedule a private tour. Also, you can benefit from posting videos of properties and video tutorials for buyers or sellers on your blog. Post engaging videos on all social media platforms regularly. Additionally, every home listing on your website should have its own video and photo slideshow.

Investors Prefer Personal Brands

Every agent must try to appeal to commercial and residential real estate investors. It helps to have credentials as a Realtor since investors know that responsibility comes with the title. However, being a Realtor is not enough to entice investors or individual buyers today. Since most people open their favorite search engine to research everything from doctors and lawyers to restaurants and shoe stores, having a strong brand in your industry is essential.

To build a personal brand, you must have a service or attribute that is unique in comparison to competitors. It must be useful and attractive to investors or individual buyers. Building a brand requires a social media presence, transparency and a good reputation. In addition to looking at social media profiles, people look to third-party review sites today to choose real estate agents. If you have any negative reviews, you should reach out to the complaining parties and remedy issues. Tailor your professional profile on any site to highlight your mission, accomplishments and achievements.

The best way to get to the top and stay there is to develop a plan that addresses current trends. Be mindful to review and modify your plan each year to adapt to changes. Real estate agents who identify emerging trends and embrace them are the ones who reap the most benefits.

About Todd Lubar

Lubar earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. He spent two decades working in credit and finance before shifting his focus to help people become homeowners. Today, he runs TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He also works with Legendary Investments. He understands the most common barriers to home ownership, and he has developed innovative ways for people to overcome those issues. Also, Mr. Lubar finds solutions to more complex issues that keep people from gaining loan approval. Mr. Lubar was named one of the nation’s top 25 mortgage originators for several years.

Mr. Lubar is especially interested in technology and how it is evolving in homes. From remote light control to total home automation, Mr. Lubar likes to show people how they can enjoy home ownership more with helpful technologies. He follows trends in consumer preferences and home technologies to help him develop ideal marketing strategies. Mr. Lubar’s top priority is creating strong client relationships that are built on honesty and trust. As an entrepreneur who likes to see others succeed, Mr. Lubar encourages real estate agents everywhere to pursue their ideas and maintain a strong will to reach their goals.

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