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Tinder Makes Headlines as Top Grossing iOS App




The dating game has never been easier and smart phone owners around the world have been celebrating with one of the hottest apps on the market, Tinder. Tinder has been in development for years now and ti has turned into a social movement in and of itself. Users of the application are able to build up a profile with pictures and personal details that they feel comfortable sharing. However, the bulk of the program’s use is spent swiping right and left on potential dating partners. If two users swipe right on each other then they are instantly ‘matched’ and thus allowed to communicate. This has made Tinder popular but not profitable. What has made Tinder suddenly enormously profitable? Now users can pay to see who is swiping ‘right’ on their account — without having to match back.

Tinder is ostensibly a free product that users can utilize without ever putting in anything more than just their time. However, the release of Tinder Gold has proven to be an update worth paying for. Tinder Gold is a $4.99 monthly charge on top of the Tinder Plus account which itself costs $9.99. So, for the ‘full’ Tinder experience, including the newly unveiled swipe revealing feature, users are going to have to put down close to $15 per month. The boosted Tinder Gold product was released to test profiles for an unnamed period of time and Tinder saw enough activity and attention that they knew they needed to release it to the full pool of users. This update was released on iOS and it quickly skyrocketed the application to the top of the iOS highest grossing chart. The Tinder Gold release hit iOS updates on Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon the app was the Top Grossing product in the world on the IOS charts. Not bad for a singular update to an older program, right?

Users with the full Tinder experience will have better chances of matching with members of the dating pool that they are interested in. From giant blue stars next to their name to the newly unveiled ‘Super Like’ and ‘revealed swipe’, Tinder Plus users are pretty much hacking the new dating game. The update is still too new for meaningful statistics to be released regarding matching. Tinder plans to release the new update onto the Android marketplace next month which should give us plenty of information from the iOS release.

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