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Thus Begins the Ballot Counting for Amazon’s Union Vote

Esperanza Gomez



The historic attempt to unionize Amazon’s Bessemer fulfillment center will start the ballot counting today. This particular warehouse/fulfillment center of Amazon has opened a year ago. This center was created to meet the raging demand of Amazon deliverable as and when COVID-19 got its hold on the US. This case in itself is likely to set a milestone for the labor laws in the history of modern America.


There were attempts made by Amazon to delay the vote or convince and even force workers to submit ballots in person. Despite all efforts, there was voting that began through mail on the 8th of February. In the days following the initiation of the ballet, Amazon, through its Amazon News Twitter account has been using an aggressive and regressive way to attack Senators.


Amazon even went to an extreme like, “This is extraordinary and revealing. One of the most powerful politicians in the United States just said she’s going to break up an American company so that they can’t criticize her anymore.” This was Amazon’s response to the tweets of Senate Elizabeth Warren.


If Reports are to be believed, Founder Jeff Bezos, who will be abdicating the CEO position later this year, conformed with the Twitter wars with the senates. There were tweets and reports about the despicable working conditions of Amazon workers. The reports claimed that the Amazon workers were urinating in bottles as they were plagued by the fear of lacking in meeting their deadlines. Amazon also suggested the installation of video cameras for monitoring the boxes that will carry the ballots. The National Labor Relations Board had rejected this plea.


Despite the ballot counting that begins today, the results will not be immediate. There will be a deliberately methodical process that will be followed. There are around 6,000 workers who are employed currently at the Bessemer location. Amazon is also aware of the dire consequences and jeopardy of repute that is also likely to follow and hence the regressive PR strategy of tweeting around to Senates is being followed.


If the ballot is in favor of Amazon, they will get a so-called certification of apt working conditions. If the workers have voted for unionization, this could lead to the beginning of a wave of unionization in other chains of the Company. The results will certainly impact the company.


In other news, the workers of Amazon’s facility in Germany are also going on strike for four days. Amazon’s facility in Italy also underwent a similar reaction last week. In a recent statement, Stuart Applebaum, The President of RWSDU said, “It’s not just workers in Alabama, it’s workers everywhere who are saying to Jeff Bezos that enough is enough. No matter what language they speak, Amazon workers around the globe will not stand for the working conditions they’ve been forced to endure for too long.”


Amazon responded to this statement, in a statement to Tech Crunch, “Stuart Appelbaum, Chief Disinformation Officer of RWDSU, in an attempt to save his long declining union, is taking alternative facts to a whole new level. But our employees are smart and know the truth—starting wages of $15 or more, health care from day one, and a safe and inclusive workplace. We encourage all of our employees to vote.”


The results of the vote are highly awaited!

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