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A Few Things Online Marketers Should Be Happy About This Year




This year was great for online marketing as a whole. Online marketers spent a record amount of money, but most online businesses made an all-time high profit this year. However, there are a few things online marketers should be happy about this year.

The first thing online marketers should be happy about is the fact that written content has risen in quality and quantity. More than ever, writers are putting forth copy for 5-10 businesses on a daily basis. Being that this writing market is becoming more competitive, more professional writers have emerged. Additionally, writing copy for online marketers used to be a hobby. With the way the economy has been, writing for marketers is now an official second job for most writers.

The next thing online marketers should be grateful for is the smartphone capabilities that were released this year. A recent studied showed that smartphone users shop on their phone more than their laptop. Smartphones can now hold just as much information as a standard laptop. Smartphone users can make a purchase from their favorite online store or brick and mortar store with one tap on their screen.

Another reason why online marketers should be happy is that Google is still number one. With new social media sites and search engines being created on a daily basis, Google has yet managed to be number one. More online marketers spend money on Google than any other online platform. Statistics show that one out of every two Americans visits Google to search for either stores or products. This same one out of two demographic is prone to choose the first link in the Google search engine.

An additional reason why online marketers should be happy is due to the advancement of technology. Two years ago, a webpage was just a page filled with written content. Today, web pages can include so much more than just words. Online marketers are including videos of their products, audio interviews of clients giving reviews, and specific plugins to make the Internet experience more exciting. This technological advancement has caused more people to shop online. It has also made more people to try new products and services.

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