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The U.S. sanctions computer makers from China amid growing Tech Fight

Jaleel M



President Biden’s administration’s latest move in line with the tough call taken by his predecessor Mr. Donald Trump led to adding seven more Chinese supercomputer manufacturers and research labs to a blacklist of US exports. This came amid the growing conflict over security and technology with Beijing.

This move received criticization from the Chinese Government on Friday after Biden’s sign led to curbing its supercomputer developers to access US technology. The statement from China read that these sanctions will only boost the country’s determination to accelerate inventing its technology.

These measures add to the mounting conflict of the Communist Party’s access to American Technology, its industrial plans, and imputations of stealing business secrets and other computer attacks. Washington was accused of ‘maliciously suppressing’ Chinese industries by misusing the security warnings over the phone, as per a statement from Mr. Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson from the foreign ministry.

Mr. Zhao said that Beijing will protect its companies repeating Chinese warnings after the US trade penalties were followed by no action. His statement read, “Containment and suppression by the United States cannot stop the pace of China’s scientific and technological progress, but will only strengthen China’s determination and will to innovate independently.”

Mr. Biden hasn’t indicated anything about rolling the previously imposed sanctions by Mr. Trump on Chinese companies and its telecom giant Huawei back. His statement further read that he is looking forward to better relations with Beijing.

The latest sanctions are reportedly known to affect China’s national supercomputing centers from Jinan, Tianjin Phytium Information technology, Shanghai high-performance integrated circuit design, etc. These sanctions will block the access to US technology for the Supercomputer used by China in its military weapons development.

Chinese supercomputers have existing speed records but make use of hardware like processor chips and others from the US. These computers are known to simulate the aerodynamics of stealth, high-speed aircraft, missiles, and nuclear explosions by supporting weapon upgrades.

A statement from Mr. Zhao, amid the row, read, “The United States has implemented a technical blockade of China in the supercomputer field for a long time, but China’s supercomputers still lead the world due to independent innovation.”

American regulators for telecom in the meanwhile are in the process to strip the ‘right to operate’ of three carriers from China in the US.

Mr. Trump, the former president tried forcing Tik Tok owner from China to sell away the US units. He later ordered Americans to not invest in Pentagon-deemed companies’ security that is connected with the Chinese military.

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