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Big Scandal Involving the Royal Family 

Ashley Waithira



This is quite unusual but the royal family is now at the center of a growing scandal. It all started with a picture of Kate Middleton, also called the Princess of Wales, that was changed somehow. After they changed it, it popped up on Instagram during Mother’s Day in the UK. This mess has caused a big photo company named Agence FrancePresse or AFP for short to say they don’t see Kensington Palace as reliable anymore. People are buzzing about whether we can trust what we see how much people poke into royals’ lives and if photos are being messed with too much.

This is How the Scandal Got Uncovered

The whole thing kicked off after Kensington Palace put out this doctored photo of Princess Kate hanging out with her kids. They probably wanted to stop people from guessing about how she was doing since she had just gotten over surgery on her belly. But sharpeyed folks online noticed something was off right away.

This is a story about a photo that was removed quickly by several agencies. Phil Chetwynd, who is in charge of news at AFP, said he felt let down and because of this, the royal family will face stricter checks in the future. He made it clear that things have changed between the royals and the press.

This is about unfairness

The situation has put a spotlight on how Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex get different treatment in the media. People have always talked about Catherine as if she’s perfect but they don’t treat Meghan as nicely which has started conversations about racism and how fair the media is. The difference in how they’re shown points to bigger problems like racism and sexism in society and shows that media stories can be unfair.

  • This is an article where you can see an important contrast.
  • This is the case of a missing piece of Charlotte’s left sleeve.
  • This is where Charlotte’s hair stops suddenly at her right shoulder.
  • This is how Louis’ thumb looks blurry on his right hand.
  • This is the way Charlotte’s boot heel looks odd.

The Fallout

This is what happened after the uproar. Kensington Palace quickly said they were sorry. Kate Middleton explained, “Like lots of people who take pictures for fun I sometimes play around with editing.” Even with this sorry note, there was still trouble. AFP said they would now be tougher on pictures from Kensington Palace before saying yes to them. This change shows a new phase in how the royal family and news folks get along which might shift stories and what people think about royals from now on.

This is the buzz after everything went down. People aren’t just talking about what happened but also asking bigger questions like what place does the monarchy have today in Britain? What kind of tough stuff do royals deal with anyway?

This is a look at how much people and media expect from royal family members. A small event can show us bigger issues with the British royalty and how they relate to everyone and journalists. 

Broader Implications 

The fuss isn’t just about changing a photo. It’s about keeping things private, journalist rules, and what the royal family is supposed to be like today. People are arguing over whether famous folks should always be real and how much of their lives reporters should leave alone. The situation also shows us that royalty, especially women, face tough judgment which can hurt their wellbeing and how we see them. 

As the royals deal with this mess it’s clear things between them and the press are shifting in our internet age.This is an age. It shows the tough time oldschool places have keeping up their good name. The world of news changes fast. People watch every move and blow up every slipup. The fuss made tells us how tricky it is to keep things fair between what everyone wants to know and keeping stuff private especially when we’re all linked up and quick to judge.

Featured Img Src – LondislandCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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