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The New Sidebar in Google Chrome Makes it Simple to Contrast Search Results

Cam Speck



The new sidebar in Google Chrome makes it simple to contrast search results

For its Chrome browser, Google has unveiled a new sidebar feature that aims to improve search performance without switching to a different tab or returning to a previous page.

As explained in a recent blog post by the search engine giant, users are directed to the webpage when they click on a search result. The address bar will display a Google button with “Open search in the side panel.” A sidebar displaying the previous user’s search results will be displayed when you click it. The user can click on more results to open the tab’s main window. If they would rather, they can also conduct new searches.

This feature, identical to the sidebar in Microsoft Edge, will be pretty helpful for evaluating different search alternatives. The function will benefit me as a writer when trying to discover the best explanation of a new term or concept I’ve come across — no more endlessly clicking the back button to get the desired result.

Chrome has much more sidebar features besides this one. Google introduced a feature in March that enables users to access their Reading List and bookmarks easily.

Additionally, Google Chrome is now integrating a new price tracker feature that has been accessible through its Android app for a while. A’ Track price’ button will appear when a user visits a store page while logged in to the browser. When the product price drops, the user who clicks the button will receive an email notification. While the feature is presently broken in testing, it might be fixed in one or more next updates.

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