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The launch of Stack by Google: The App that will be a Perfect Digital Locker

Jaleel M



We often feel the need to have a trustworthy and concise digital locker for matters of importance for us. For instance, you just cannot keep confidential information, documents, images, lying around your phone. The security features of the application and the level of organization also happen to be prime suggestible factors.

Have you heard about Google’s Area 120 yet? If not, we want all ears. Google’s Area 120 is an internal incubator program. This has been designed specifically for experimental projects. The Google Area 120 is all set to release a brand new app called Stack. This application will use the powerful DocAI tool for the analysis of documents. What this means that it will be like a document scanner, which is just designed for Android as of now.


You must have seen or used document scanner applications but Google has confirmed that Stack would be more efficient than any other average mobile scanner. It will be able to categorize documents automatically into stacks and it will also help in initiating searching through the entire text of the document and doesn’t restrict the Title.


Christopher Pedregal, the leader of Team on Stack stated, “I joined Google a couple of years ago when my education startup, Socratic, was acquired. At Socratic, we used Google’s computer vision and language understanding to make learning easier for high school students. I wondered if we could apply the same technologies to make organizing documents easier.”


The application rightly uses the best of the DocAI and the artificial intelligence so supported. It allows for a much-improved process of scanning the documents, bills, and even receipts. Stack uses the biometric authentication of Google on Android. When it comes to the security of its usage, there are also added and additional features like documents behind the face and scanning through fingerprints to unlock Stack.


The application will be available initially for Android only and will work on a click and organize mode. There will be general benefits of scanning multiple pages to a document and specific features like perfect security procedures.

Stack is said to be able to scan a wide range of documents that are of varied sizes. The scanning can be done of your important receipts and even IDs. The application will then turn them into PDF documents and will organize them. All this will be done with the perfect level of detail that is used in A. I technology.


When it comes to usual document scanners, they lack a futuristic and holistic approach in scanning and organization of the documents. There might not be a definite roadmap with Stack, but the goal is to help in better organization of documents. The App is still said to be quite nascent and it is indeed too early to comment on how and whether it will be able to provide the deliverables efficiently. There could still be more room for improvement of the application.


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