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The Great Debate: Comparing Trump and Biden’s Showdowns in 2020 and 2024

Ashley Waithira



Presidential debates play a key role in American democracy, as they allow candidates to debate their policies and confront political rivals. The Joe Biden vs Donald Trump debates of 2020 and 2024 are great examples of how politics and media can change across time.

The 2020 Debates Overview

The 2020 debates saw a high level of turmoil and conflict. Trump’s aggressive interruptions and Biden’s annoyed replies were defining features of the campaign, setting the atmosphere for these events. Trump often ignored the debate moderators’ rule enforcement efforts, speaking over Biden repeatedly. This approach gained him support from his followers but received wider ranging criticism for breaching the usual civility associated with such events​.

Strategic Changes for 2024 Debate Preparation

By 2024, both campaigns had reshaped their tactics. Notable changes were made to the debate format. Biden’s team successfully argued for several important conditions, no audience in person, strict restrictions on speaking durations, and mutable microphones to stop needless interruptions. These modifications hope to bring about a more organized debate environment that focuses on policy debates.

Conversely, Trump has voiced his liking for several debates taking place in big places. He thinks having an audience boosts his energy levels while establishing a dynamic vibe. But Biden’s team pushed back on this, stating it could lead to chaos similar to the mayhem observed in 2020. They planned this strategically to cut off one of Trump’s perceived strengths i.e., his liking for appearing before live audiences

Behind the scenes Activities

Preparing for the 2024 debates also brought attention to how different the two campaign styles were. Biden’s team used a detailed and structured method, spending a lot of time on mock debates and substantial strategy meetings. On the other hand, Trump liked an easygoing preparation style, based on casual talks and his natural debate skills.

The role of television networks has grown too. In fact, these networks will directly sponsor the next debates instead of it being done by the customary Commission on Presidential Debates reflecting a rise in media companies’ influence over political conversation as well as candidates’ readiness to adopt new formats​.

Main Issues and Debate Topics

The 2024 debates will probably be just as chaotic as those in 2020. Major issues are expected to encompass the economy, healthcare, and American democracy. Both candidates disagree greatly over what’s best for the country evidenced by their separate visions. The debates are thus a critical medium for painting these contrasts to voters.

There will also be differences in debate styles. Biden is probably going to underline his policy expertise and solid leadership, while Trump will try to convey strength and pick apart Biden’s past. These styles’ interaction could significantly affect voter views and the greater influence of the debates.

Reactions from Public and Politicians

Responses towards the upcoming debates vary. Some experts think that Biden stands to gain from this new structure with its prospect for a more controlled discussion, while others believe that no live audience might handicap Trump who draws on crowd interaction enthusiastically. No matter the structure though, these debates look set to be an iconic moment in 2024 elections providing voters with clear insights into candidates’ policies and character traits.

The impact of these events extends further into future US political exchanges as well. Changes made thus far suggest a shift towards precise exchanges effecting potentially a fresh yardstick for coming elections


In conclusion, the transition from the turbulent 2020 debates to a more organized 2024 format underlines how political campaigns can vary. As both rivals gear up for their debates, they will use this platform as a critical opportunity to share their visions and connect with voters. These debates could significantly direct the election’s path and shape US politics’ future.

The importance of these events goes beyond this election shining light on the need for political strategy adaptation to shifting conditions while keeping democracy vibrant and well suited to meeting voters’ needs.

Ashley is a creative and adventurous Journalism graduate with a vibrant personality. Her love for exploring new places fuels her passion for travelling, allowing her to uncover captivating stories and diverse cultures. With a kind and fun-loving nature, she radiates positivity and enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life. Ashley's belief in a supreme being serves as a moral compass, guiding her to always strive for what is right and just. In her spare time, she immerses herself in the pages of books, seeking inspiration and expanding her knowledge. Ashley's zest for life and unwavering dedication to her values make her remarkable.