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Text Blaze’s speed-writing automation raises $3.3 million

Esperanza Gomez



Text Blaze, one part of the Y Combinator accelerator group for 2021 Winter stated that it reached $3.3 million in the seed round. Villi Iltchev from Two Sigma Ventures and Leo Polovets led the investment of the company. The company is known for hybridizing the automation and written word – the two tracked trends by TechCrunch.

For automation, Zapier, a well-known automation tool with no code became colossal by acquiring Makerpad (a no-code community and service-based for education). This happened when the RPA and no-code products made the software boost worker output mainstream to a large extent.

On the side of writing aids, people are looking forward to tools like Grammarly and to write quicker and better. Grammarly raising more than $90 million for its AI-based writing and grammar tools delineates the public’s interest in using these tools.

Text Blaze does two significant jobs, the first – allowing users to save the text in a rapid-fire way that can be included in the emails and other write-ups. People can save any text that they want to include in their scripts, by saving much time. However, this is only a part of what Text Blaze is capable of.

Using the tool, people can also save template snippets with some open boxes left to fill in when needed. For example, a user-feedback snippet, if saved, reserves places to add unique information like names and other relevant details.

The tool also integrates with some external services so that the services wouldn’t waste much of the users’ time. As in, the tool can bring in Hubspot’s CRM data to a text snippet for Gmail. The crux here is linking data sources to different services automatically and helping people save a lot of time (maybe hours together).

Dan Bark, the co-founder of Text Blaze stated that the company was running lean till now and added that the company would now have a staff of 10 people. Only four people are on the staff of Text Blaze as of now. Similar to most other startups, Text Blaze, as said by Bark, is also a remote-first startup with a broader focus on hiring.

The company’s model at present is a freemium one, priced at $2.99 every month. The free product from Text Blaze is Barak that can save up to 20 free snippets. People would be charged once the limit crosses.

Bark added that the company plans to sell into enterprises in the future, and wants to develop the pro version of the company’s tool to create awareness about its services, as they are not only limited to the final monetization scheme.

So far, nearly 70 percent of the company’s users signed up using their corporate emails and can provide more avenues. The information from the company’s website suggests that business people would have to pay a bit more than two times what prosumers pay, showing that the company’s idea is actually working.

“When I first saw Text Blaze, it reminded me of the early days of Zapier which helped professionals to automate repetitive tasks, except Text Blaze provides a more approachable and easier to adopt entry point through written communications,” said Villi.

While the round ended two weeks ago, Leo said, he “fell in love with the [startup’s] product and wanted to invest as soon as I tried the product.”

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