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Texans Rejoice as Gas Prices Fall Below $3 Per Gallon for the First Time Since January

Cam Speck



Texans Rejoice As Gas Prices Fall Below $3 Per Gallon For The First Time Since January

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for falling gas prices. After record-high prices throughout the summer, a gallon of unleaded gasoline is back to where it was last year.

The average price of unleaded gasoline in Texas has fallen to $2.97 per gallon this week. This is a significant decrease from last week when the average price was 13 cents higher. Additionally, the current price is four cents lower than it was on November 22, 2021.

Daniel Armbruster from AAA Texas explained, “The people of Texas haven’t seen gas prices this low since mid-January. This is due to the decreasing crude oil prices; West Texas intermediate has even dipped below $80 per barrel earlier this week.”

The decrease in gas prices is one of the reasons many people are taking road trips for the holidays. According to AAA Texas, approximately four million Texans will travel 50 miles and more this Thanksgiving. They also add that this is only a slight increase from last year and is gradually returning to the pre-pandemic holiday travel numbers.

Armbruster stated, “Since gasoline prices peaked in the middle of June, they have been steadily decreasing. Since gas prices have been falling steadily in the past few weeks, roadways will likely be busier than initially expected.”

After a long nine-hour drive from Northwest Arkansas, Terry Forsyth made a pit stop in Southwest Austin to fuel up before continuing to San Marcos for Thanksgiving.

As of recently, the average gas price per gallon in Arkansas is higher than in Texas, at around $3.25. Forsyth was pleasantly surprised to see much lower gas prices of only $2.75 after crossing the border into Texas from Arkansas. “That’s amazing! It is finally getting close to where it should be price-wise,” said Forsyth, obviously delighted by the cheaper cost of living in Texas.

Armbruster stated this Thanksgiving, more people will also be flying than last year. However, the prices for flights are much higher than last year. So even though it is more expensive to fly this Thanksgiving, many people still want to travel.

Armbruster of AAA Texas says that whichever mode of transportation you choose for Thanksgiving, be prepared for crowds and delays.

The price of gasoline will vary throughout Texas during Thanksgiving. The average cost per gallon in Austin and Houston will be $2.99, while it is predicted to be 10 cents cheaper in Dallas at $2.89 per gallon. El Paso residents should expect a 10-cent increase, with the average cost around $3.10.

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