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Technology Grants For Nonprofits




Grants are important resources for any nonprofit organization. From governments to private companies, all offer tech funds to enable nonprofits to reach their goal sooner with the help of tech tools. Some of these grants are one-time whereas others are annual. The impact of these grants on Nonprofits is massive.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the largest organizations that dedicate their time and energy towards charitable giving. Some of these companies are well known all over the world for their philanthropic work.


Google is one of the largest corporations in the world. It has two separate branches for charity work. is an organization that offers funding and technical assistance along with an award of $200 million to nonprofits all around the world.
Google for Nonprofits program is another initiative by Google to help organizations reach their audiences and fulfill their goals.


Lyft is a ride share company that has taken the initiative to offer free transportation to various underserved groups. The company offers $20,000 in ride credits to help nonprofits all around the world. It is a trendsetter for other companies to come on board and contribute their part in uplifting Nonprofits through technology grants.


SalesForce, the mega CRM has a branch that looks after the needs of Nonprofit Organizations. They are well known for their 10 free seats for nonprofits. Also, they have a volunteer program focused on database design.


TechSoup is an organization that works towards providing hardware, software, and tech training to Nonprofits to help them run their day-to-day operations. You can get tech support and various online courses on TechSoup. It is a great resource for Nonprofits looking for ways to learn new skills and get access to new technology.

Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation is among the top companies that offer tech grants for Nonprofits. The Foundation focuses primarily on open internet and connectivity initiatives. They offer annual tech grants for regionally targeted work.


Twilio is a platform that focuses on streamlining platforms across businesses. It offers free access to the powerful SMS and messaging platform. It is a part of the Pledge 1% Movement. offers $150,000 in grant funding to nonprofits.

IBM Impact Grants

It works towards addressing social issues such as community economic development, health, literacy, education and overall development as a society.

Nonprofits on Facebook

Facebook offers a set of tools for donations, fundraising, community building and more. It helps nonprofits leverage the tools to connect with their target audience.

Cisco Product Grant Program

Cisco offers networking technology to nonprofit organizations to make them realize the major profits in cost-efficiency, scalability and productivity.

There are many more companies that offer tech grants to nonprofits. Some of these companies are very serious about their give back initiatives and they are constantly working towards contributing towards making nonprofits better than they are today.

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