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With Talkspace, Therapy Becomes Accessible to Anyone with An Internet Connection




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As technology has continued to advance, so too has its great hold on our life. Smart phones and the internet have dramatically changed how we work, play, laugh and love. It has also changed the way that we are connected to various types of information and health care. However, with all the good the internet has provided us, it has also brought a host of negative aspects we didn’t anticipate.


Pretty much all of us can relate to going on social media, only to find ourselves feeling inadequate, uncool, and as if our lives are not nearly as exciting or fulfilled as our friend’s lives are. Studies have shown that being ever-connected has a lot of downfalls. In fact, it can take a negative toll on people’s mental and physical health, including a higher risk for depression.


Thankfully, there are new ways of providing people the mental health care they need, regardless of how busy they are or where they live. It involves utilizing the double-edged sword that is the internet as a tool so that people can seek the advice and help of licensed therapists, without ever having to leave their home. Services like Talkspace are providing an innovative new way for people to obtain the mental health care they need, when they need it.


Services like Talkspace allow users to access high quality mental health care from the comfort of their home or office, using a computer or smartphone. Seeing a therapist no longer requires physical appointments where you go, in person, to an office. Online mental health services like Talkspace allow you to video call or use a text-based chat system to connect you with a highly skilled mental health professional.


Basically, with a service like Talkspace, you do not have to set up an appointment, wait for the day to roll around, and then show up in the office. What you get instead is a service that can provide you the help you need, when you need it. And the therapists typically responds once or twice per day. Not only is this more convenient, especially for people who are really busy in their personal or professional lives or those who live in rural areas, it is often less expensive than traditional therapy sessions at a brick-and-mortar clinic.


With a traditional therapist, you are often limited by your insurance provider and it can be difficult to get them to pay out for this type of service to an affordable amount. What this process entails is that the patient is often responsible for a large portion of the bill, which can total hundreds of dollars for a single session. With services like Talkspace, you can enroll in plans that cost as little as $32 a week, as recently reported by Daniel Cooper at Engadget. There are different tiers of service you can enroll in, depending on your budget and needs.


These plans do not provide a simple session. Even the lowest tiered plan allows you to send unlimited messages and be assured of receiving messages from your therapist via text once a day. More extensive plans allow for twice-daily check-ins from your therapist should you need. Other plans with Talkspace allow for live sessions and additional services. These different plans allow you to customize your program to get the exact type of care you want..


In essence, what online mental health care services like Talkspace provide is high quality, on-demand treatment that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and that is provided at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. Though Talkspace does not currently take insurance, most people find the costs so reasonable it ends up being less the price charged by those few therapists that do take insurance. These plans can be tailored to your budget and expectations and provide you with the regular care and access to your therapist, without breaking the bank or requiring you to travel great distances at inconvenient times.


In this way, you can help to mitigate a lot of the negative aspects of the internet by allowing it to also be the space in which you seek the therapy and help that allows you to live a fulfilled and happy life. Mental health is incredibly important and it affects many different elements of our life from our relationships to our physical health. Today’s world is busier, more complicated, and can be more isolating than at any other time in history and this has a profound effect on the human psyche, which is why so many more people are seeking therapy to deal with the rigors of modern life than ever before.


It is a unique way of tackling mental health that has a lot of advantages, as well as a few disadvantages. Nonverbal communication provides a lot of clues and information to a therapist about the feelings and motivations of their patients, and in a text-based environment, this connection is missing. However, with video-based sessions, this can be reduced to a large degree and the advantages of this kind of therapy are really starting to be borne out in research and by way of personal results.


Cooper notes that while there are pros and cons to web-based mental health treatment, it seems that the positive benefits far outweigh the negative aspects of the service. It allows patients to connect with their therapist when they need them, without having to worry about whether they can get an appointment or get the time off from work to go to said appointment. With services like Talkspace, patients have control over the level of interaction they get with their therapist, giving them more control over their treatment plan.


The internet has changed the way that pretty much all of us live and work – for better or worse. Many of us spend our days in front of screens of one sort or another, and then spend our leisure time pursuing different activities via the same means. This lifestyle has led to a strange interplay between isolation and over-connectivity that has contributed to huge amounts of mental distress for millions of people. Access to mental health care services has always been lacking, but thanks to new services that utilize the internet, this is less of an issue than before. With services like Talkspace, you can get affordable access to on-demand mental health services, making it easier than ever before to get the help you need, when you need it.


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