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Startups: Go Try It On raised $3 million of funding




On Friday, Go Try It On has announced that the company will received a round of funding worth $3 million from SPA Investments and Index Ventures.


Go Try it On is a new startup on website and mobile app that enables user to ask for others’ feedback on outfits. With it, user can get fashion consultation wherever needed even when your group of friends is not together. Users are enabled to form a personal style group of trusted friends, co-workers and users’ own group of fashionistas gathered from the net to comment on the outfit.

According to its founder and chief executive, Marissa Evans, “What makes the platform revolutionary is that it is all about the exchange – where other social networks are one-sided conversations, our site structures the dialogue for the community giving it meaning and real- life application.”

Along with the new fund injection, Go Try It On has introduced its new revenue model and feature, called – Personal Style Network that allows brands to critique users’ outfits and suggest products. At the moment, the feature is associated with Sephora and Gap. The website will host expert stylists from Gap and Sephora for designated hours on Fridays and Saturdays. The experts could suggest a pair of new Gap jeans to go along with the outfit or the latest lipstick color from Sephora that will match the event.

According to Marissa, Personal Style Network should be a new way for, brands to interact with customers and even potential ones. With it, brands can promote their products, and also ‘listen’ to their customers at the same time.

Go Try It On was officially launched in March 2010 during SXSW and funded by Index Ventures. At the moment, there are over 10 million people including men have commented on outfits. The company has recently launched a 3.0 iPhone app that has marked 250,000 downloads.

Previously we have StyleSnap, an application that allow you to upload your current fashion style and share it with other users while Ave23, future of fashion, is a place where you can find /discover your favorite fashion in a simple drag and drop.

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