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Staci Hallmon Appointed as Senior VP of Arts & Entertainment Events for North America by IMG




Staci Hallmon appointed as Senior VP of Arts & Entertainment Events for North America by IMG

IMG, a global sports, fashion, and media company, has recently appointed Staci Hallmon as its new senior Vice President of Arts & Entertainment Events for North America. Hallmon will be responsible for leading the strategy for events such as World of Barbie and will launch new intellectual property for the company.

Hallmon’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry stretches from her time as Senior Vice President and General Manager of BET Networks to founding her own marketing agency Ferocious Unicorn. She will be reporting to Stephen Flint Wood, the Executive Vice President and Group Managing Director of the Arts and Entertainment Events at IMG.

Hallmon expressed excitement about this new opportunity and said she is looking forward to building Endeavor’s experiential portfolio by creating live events that foster community connection. Endeavor is the parent company of IMG.

IMG aims to continue expanding its portfolio of arts and entertainment events throughout North America. With Hallmon on board, the company is ready to take its events to the next level and offer fans increasingly immersive and unforgettable experiences.

One of Hallmon’s responsibilities will be leading the strategy for World of Barbie, which is one of IMG’s most successful entertainment events. This tour offers an interactive and innovative journey through the world of the iconic Barbie doll. From fashion to film, girls and women from all over the world have grown up with Barbie. Hallmon will build on this success by delivering even more exciting experiences for attendees.

In addition, we can expect the company to launch new intellectual property in the near future. Hallmon’s marketing background and extensive experience in the entertainment industry makes her the ideal candidate for this task. Under her guidance, the company is sure to introduce new and exciting entertainment concepts for the public.

As the demand for personalized and immersive experiences grows, so do the company’s opportunities. IMG has become one of the most innovative creative agencies in the world, and Hallmon’s appointment marks another chapter in the company’s success story. The company’s events not only entertain but generate revenue as well. With Hallmon’s expertise, we can expect to see more of such groundbreaking events.

In conclusion, IMG’s new appointment of Staci Hallmon as senior Vice President of Arts & Entertainment Events for North America is poised to take the company’s events to the next level. It will be exciting to see the innovations that Hallmon and IMG will bring to the entertainment sector in the years to come.

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