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Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 Collection, Combining Old and New

Ashley Waithira



The Spring/Summer 2025 collection from Fendi, crafted by Silvia Venturini Fendi, perfectly combines traditional men’s fashion with modern style. This collection premiered at the latest Milan show, Super Studio Maxi, during Milan Fashion Week, drawing lots of celebrities and fashion lovers.

The Exclusive Fendi Club

Venturini Fendi recreated her first ever men’s line from 1990 for today’s style trends. Entitled ‘Fendi Club’, this show was a lavish display representing a group of stylish gentlemen welcoming summer. The large venue was bathed in natural sunlight showcasing moving mirrored pillars that added a future focused feel to the otherwise reminiscent clothing.

The Best Parts of the Show and Design Characteristics

This range showcased numerous timeless men’s essentials such as,

  • Easygoing trench coats
  • Checked trousers
  • Laid Back Shirts
  • Short windbreakers
  • Luxurious double breasted suits

We get an academic vibe with v neck pullovers matched with printed ties and Fbrand caps. Shirt designs run the gamut with asymmetrical sleeves adding a unique touch while plaid cardigans highlight Fendi’s characteristic Selleria stitching. The lineup also included beautifully designed shields monogrammed on silk shirts in shades of green and orange plus. New jerseys from Fendi in navy and gold plus woven bags and footwear styled on dancers’ shoes.

Cutting Edge Event Location and Showcase

Towering mirrored objects were part of the venue decor giving a live backdrop to the event. These mirrors moved and twisted around lending an energetic and futuristic feel to the location. This groundbreaking setup demonstrated Fendi’s dedication to combining past tradition with current trends.

British actor Nicholas Galitzine, Golden State Warriors’ player Jonathan Kuminga, and Spanish star Aron Piper ensured international attendance at the show. These guests endorsed the collection’s appeal across different cultures and influential groups.

Influence and Origins

As Fendi approaches a century in business in 2025, Venturini Fendi looked back into the brand’s groundwork finding her own inspiration for new designs. She discovered a squirrel logo earlier used by her grandmother for packaging. Which she then incorporated into a crest symbol adding a school uniform feel to blazers and jumpers worn with shorts by younger models.

A nod to Italy comes from an old snapshot of the Italian national soccer team wearing crested blazers which influenced this season’s chic look. Other design elements combined styles from India’s Madras pattern with Japanese boro technique. Resulting in unique items like distressed denim jackets and shorts decorated in abstract check patterns.

  • Historic Symbols, Archive squirrel crest
  • Influences from the global stage, Indian Madras fabric pattern plus Japanese boro method
  • An Italian handcrafting tradition, Selleria stitching method

Modern Menswear for Today’s Times

The lightweight feel of the materials made the collection stand out alone with its classy colours,charming contrasting or matching layers. Striking details showed up as off center fastenings on shirts and jumpers showing collarbones or shoulders or sleeves cut off at elbow length. These variations added interesting balance to jackets, coat suits, and shirts.

Venturini Fendi’s Career Milestones

A happy invite back in 1994 from her grandmother to be part of her design team where Karl Lagerfeld was already working saw Venturini Fendi start at Fendi. Though Lagerfeld wasn’t interested in men’s fashion. Venturini Fendi stepped up to the challenge, creating a lasting impression on the brand. Her first brush with fashion was at six years old during a photo shoot with Lagerfeld, triggering her ongoing passion for fashion.

Venturini Fendi recalls the past saying she didn’t want to attend school but preferred mingling at social events. That initial exposure made a huge impact on her later designs and shaped her unique approach to menswear which combined tradition and innovation.

Last Thoughts

Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection confirms the brand’s long history and its capacity to keep pace with modern trends. Silvia Venturini Fendi has been able to expertly mix old elements with new trends resulting in a collection that bridges the gap between originality and forward thinking creativity consequently making this lineup as appealing as it is.

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