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SoundCloud: Your tracks. Share it.





Nonetheless, SoundCloud is still new in Asia, and many are not aware about this great audio platform. This audio-sharing platform has recently marked its 5 million users on 15th June with over 4 million users had signed up in just last year alone. Running since late 2008, the recent growth of the platform is due to the wide variety of content besides popular music.

What’s SoundCloud all about? At SoundCloud, everybody (read:artists) can upload and distribute tunes with a distinctive URL, widgets and apps. Using the URL, you can share your tunes with the world. You can place the widget on blogs or websites, which SoundCloud will automatically tweet every track uploaded. Also, SoundCloud allows upload and download tunes via other applications and smartphones. The apps are available for the iPhone and Android, with Symbian is on the way.

Besides just the tunes, the catalog of sounds and recordings shared can also includes podcasts, audio books, birdsong, personal updates and even financial reports.

According to Alex Ljung, co-founder and chief executive of the company, SoundCloud has started as a platform for musicians to share their recordings which only focused on professional musicians, but later has become a full publishing tool that also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks.

Since SoundCloud establishment in 2007, it has received several funds from different investors. In April 2009, €2.5 million Series A funding received from Daughty Hanson Technology Ventures – which a year later, SoundCloud announced it had marked 1 million users. Early this year, SoundCloud managed to raise $10 million Series A funding round from Union Square Ventrues and Index Ventures. And recently, SoundCloud had received another round of investment, and this time it came from Ashton Kutcher together with Guy Oseary’s A-Grade Fund.

So, what’s next? According to Mr Ljung, they are targeting universities’ lecturers and politicians to upload their lectures and speeches and share them with the world.

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