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Sony crosses 70 million PS4s sold




Sony has long been the winner of the console wars but now it has new numbers that prove it. The company has just announced that it has sold more than 70 million PS4s since the console first hit the market. As CNET reports, that number means that Sony has completed dominated the offering of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

While Microsoft does not release official sales numbers anymore, the most recent industry estimates claim the Xbox Ones have likely sold less than half the number of the PS4s. These numbers make sense especially when you are looking at the worldwide sales. The Xbox One has almost no presence at all in Asia. Whether this is home court advantage, or simply the Japanese or Korean markets simply prefer Sony, Microsoft has had a heck of a time getting any foothold at all, even in China.

Sony has also said that it has more than a bit of a hold when it comes to the virtual reality market. While the Sony PSVR is not yet a household item, it has sold more than two million since the device first hit the market. That’s a rather impressive number since there just hasn’t been that many virtual reality devices sold since the technology made a bit of a comeback.

If there is one thing that could change the balance of power a bit, it would be the Xbox One X. Billed as the most powerful console on the market, it just hit that market this fall. By all accounts, the newest console has done brisk sales numbers. We won’t really know who won the Holiday console wars until after the Holiday season. While the popularity of the Nintendo Switch isn’t really going to help Microsoft much, it may be allowed the Xbox One to close the gap to the PS4.

Nintendo has been the real surprise contender in those console wars. After being a distant third for so long thanks to the Wii U, the company is finally finding a foothold with it’s newest device. While there were some who scoffed at the idea of having a console that could also be a mobile gaming device, it appears the public has indeed fallen in love with that idea over the last few months. While there’s very little chance the Switch will ever be able to catch the PS4 when it comes to total units sold, it can match the pace moving forward.

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