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How Social Media Can Lead to Fatigue




While talking to USA Today technology, Marie Sullivan said that when she visited the doctor five years ago, she knew that something was not okay. Despite annual physical results been fine, a New Jersey resident known as Paramus says that she suspected that she was anemic. She even asked the doctor whether everything was okay when all the numbers turned normal. When she asked the doctor what was happening, the doctor told her that she was getting old. However, she said that she didn’t trust the doctor as she had tons of energy before. She said that she was aware that people slow down as they age, but her case involved exhaustion all the time. She further said that she was confident that she was not the only person experiencing the feeling. Regardless of age and background, people nowadays are complaining of tiredness, fatigue, and weariness not to mention exhaustion. Doctors say that there are a range of issues that might be causing these symptoms. This could be some illnesses such as the heart disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and depression. Anemia could be another cause for the exhaustion. However, there is another cause that has caught people unaware. Overusing technology may lead to tiredness and can also affect our well-being.

A therapist and psychoanalyst known as Patricia Bratt says that Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can exhaust us. The doctor works in Livingston, New York. While this technology has the ability to uplift most of the humanity, it also possesses the ability to exhaust and depress us. This is also directly proportional to age. The older you are, the more you are affected by the technology. The doctor says that he works with young people who are active with technology, especially social media. At the end of the day, these individuals complain they are tired. Technology can impact you in a number of ways. First, it affects the sense of identities in people. Second, it interferes with the emotions of these people. For instance, it might make people happy and anxious. At the same time, social media has managed to create a sense of urgency and impulsivity. Social media possesses the ability to make people feel overwhelmed. Common factors that cause fatigue include poor diet and sleep apnea. Lack of enough sleep can be another reason why people feel tired. This research has also been backed by the National Safety Council. Fatigue is common to people who work for more than 50 hours in a week.

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