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Advantages of Social Media for Students

Ryan Lenett



advantages of social media for students

Social Media has funneled its way into our lives and is one to stay. Especially children of all ages eat, drink and survive on social media. Most of us, especially the older generations, condemn it as a source of great distraction for the kids. But did we pass judgement too soon. Are their any advantages of social media for students?

So, without much ado, let is look at some of the key advantages of social media for students. 

#1. Communication and Collaboration

One of the first points that come into mind when we discuss the advantages of social media for students includes improved communication. Through Messenger or WhatsApp, a student can communicate with anyone at any time. Learners can use these platforms on their smartphone, tablet, or computer to exchange questions, make phone calls and video calls.

Students having trouble with their homework can always talk to their friends or tutors for help. They are not required to wait and meet the teacher in person.

#2. Access to online information

This feature has to be one of the most valuable advantages of social media for students. Various websites and social media platforms offer information that can be beneficial to students. Students can find answers to their questions based on their interests. Tumblr and Pinterest, for example, can provide children with ideas for school projects or practical problem-solving.

The latest data on various school subjects will be available on social media websites, allowing students to survey and investigate new information. These days, social media serves as a Wikipedia for students.

#3. Distance learning opportunities

Other significant advantages of social media for students include the possibility of distance learning. Many disadvantaged students are unable to obtain a formal education by enrolling in regular classes at a school. 

advantages of social media include distance learningModern educators can attract students to distance learning programs using various online tools, and social media is a helpful tool. This will soon become an integral part of our modern educational system.

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Today, hosting live lectures via Skype or Zoom is a great way to reach students in far-flung parts of the globe and give them access to education.

#4. Global Exposure

Because social media is such a large platform, students can connect with people from all over the world. It is impressive to see how it allows students to interact with a global population and gain immense knowledge.

They also learn about the various cultures that exist around the world. They can easily enroll in various courses offered by universities all over the world and learn from famous universities like Harvard using apps like Edx or Cousera

#5. Employment Opportunities

In recent times, advantages of social media for students include the use of social media to find job opportunities. Many businesses use their social media accounts to announce job openings. Students who follow these companies on social media can send their resumes to apply. LinkedIn is one such social media platform where students can post their resumes and apply for internships and jobs.

Students can use social media to learn more about the company and all the fields they are interested in. In addition, they can read other people’s reviews and comments to get a general idea of the company.

 In today’s world, it is thus fair to say that social media and education are inextricably linked.  In fact social media can fill in learning gaps if used safely and appropriately.

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