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SnapChat CEO Says Social Media Boosted “Fake News”




The term “fake news” has taken on a life of its own in the media these days. The issue of fake news is a complicated one, and it is one that can impact all of our lives in some very big ways. There are plenty of people out there who are more than a little concerned about what impact fake news could have on their lives. This is why Fox News has reported that SnapChat CEO Evan Spigel has called out social media for fueling the risk of fake news.

Spigel authored his first ever editorial for Axios saying that social media made it possible for fake news to thrive. He says that the personalized newsfeed that we all get with our social media accounts has been a revolution to the way that we live our lives. However, he says that it also comes with a huge risk built in. He writes that personalized newsfeeds make it possible to have the “echo chamber” effect of people not getting to hear perspectives that differ that much from their own. In other words, they are just fed the news they want to hear regardless of how realistic that news is.

The CEO was quick to defend his own application of course. He says that many do view SnapChat as a social media platform of sorts, but that is not how he sees it. Instead, he says that his app is like visual texting. He says that SnapChat was created as a sort of escape from social media. People could share their photos with friends or family without having to worry about how many likes or comments they got. Those photos were just meant to be shared with the specific person that they were sent to.

SnapChat has had some trouble growing out its user base. The company decided to try to handle this problem by creating a completely redesigned app. The redesign is supposed to make things easier to find and use. It is the hope of the company that this will help attract those who have never given SnapChat a look to perhaps reconsider. They know that there are plenty of people out there who have yet to try the app at all. Perhaps they can wrangle a few more of those people over to their way of viewing things. If so, SnapChat has a large base of potential users that they can tap into.

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