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The Future of Smartphones




We are used to the smartphone drill year in year out. The competition among phone companies is to make them faster and thinner. We cannot yet declare our smartphones as boring as the gadgets continue to evolve with technology. If you are wondering what the future of smartphones may have in store, you should focus your attention on the software, device’s camera as well as the sensors. Looking into these three things will tell you that there is a lot of potential with phone technology. For instance, there are suggestions that future phones will see you every time you pick them and identify you as the owner. When traveling abroad, it will be possible to place your phone’s camera on the menu which will translate the menu on your behalf. If you think you know everything about the future of smartphones, they will also help you do shopping for your house by just pointing the camera to your living room. What you need for your house will be history as the phone will most probably choose for you. While many people may refer this as futurism, this is already happening. Next month meeting by Apple to introduce new iPhones will act as the precedence.

For instance, Apple is expected to introduce a premium 3-model that will be very effective in scanning 3-D objects. The phone will even have the capability of scanning your face. Samsung has already declared its intention in this field through the Galaxy Note 8 that has the fast dual-lens camera. A Qualcomm product manager known as Philip-James Jacobowitz described 2018 as the year that the smartphone camera will make a giant leap. He referred this step as a quantum leap when it comes to technology. According to the expert, new and key features in the future of smartphones depend on emerging camera technologies. The same is true for augmented reality. One area that relies most on the camera is face scanning. Many of us are used to unlocking our smartphones using a passcode or scanning our fingerprint. However, Apple has signaled an end to this with the introduction of an infrared facial recognition system. The new technology will be unveiled next month during the company’s 10th annual launch. A phone using this technology is expected to cost as little as $999. Asked about the capability of this phone, the company refused to comment. However, experts in this field say that the technology will use a depth-sensing camera system.

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