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How Smart Kitchens will look like in the Future




Digital revolution has had its toll on virtually every sector of the economy. However, one sector that’s playing a catch-up game is the kitchen sector. This is what has led to the rise of a conference known as the Smart Kitchen Summit and its members meet on an annual basis. This year’s meeting will be the third meeting for the conference as it began in 2014. Approximately all Americans spend 60 percent of their time in the kitchen without considering sleep time. These sentiments were shared by Samsung senior vice president Yoon Lee. She acknowledges that this might be the reason why numerous American companies are concentrating their efforts on this sector. She was talking in a conference at the Benaroya Hall. For starters, this is the Seattle Symphony headquarters. The Samsung executive further said that every executive at that meeting agreed that within five to 10 years, artificial intelligence would play a huge role in our kitchens and at the dinner table. This could either be a young entrepreneur with a Kickstarter idea, a Google engineer or even an executive from one of the big technology companies that want to invest in the kitchen sector. For instance, all these individuals agreed that technology would enable people to rise above a refrigerator with a smart screen that displays weather conditions. Instead, they want a technology that will help them update a family calendar while at the same time allow them to search for recipes on the internet.

Also, technology will make it possible to link a blender with a device on your arm that understands your diet. The blender will then check in with your freezer and kitchen scale to determine what you should take that day. At the same time, there will be smart recipes that will allow you to prepare food depending on your current conditions. For instance, the recipes will advise you accordingly depending on the weight you’ve gained or lost. Also, it will be possible for the oven to decide when and how to start the roasting process. When the roasting is done, the oven will then text the homeowners that dinner is ready. This can only be made possible by artificial intelligence. This means that your old granny can tell the device what to cook in the future. All she has to do is to provide the ingredients to the device. Smart kitchen will ultimately result in the reduction of food that goes to waste every day.

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