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Seven Characteristics of People with High Self Esteem

Annelise Sylta



Do you think you have high self-esteem? How do you recognize individuals with high self-esteem?

Individuals with high self-esteem, in general, are very confident, decisive and supportive. They motivate others around them and are optimistic. They have a realistic approach and uplifting outlook towards the world. They always have a positive regard for themselves and are always ready to improve themselves. They are consistently prepared to face challenges and hit the opportunities which stop close by.

Characteristics of High Self Esteem

Here are some attributes of people with high self-esteem that can help you improve every aspect of your life, both personally and professionally.

1. Have Immense Self-Respect

People who have high self-esteem often tend to have immense self-respect. They have high standards and values. They do not go against their ethics and morals. They know their strengths and limits and do not transcend the boundaries they have set for themselves. They do not allow others to degrade or demotivate them.

2. Enhance their Strengths

Individuals with high self-esteem work on their strengths and keep enhancing them. This aids them in developing skills at which they become better in time. This does not mean that they disregard their weak areas instead they work on them too. They know that they are not perfect and focus on the areas of development.

3. Great Leaders and Wise Decision Makers

People with high self-esteem are great leaders as they keep motivating others. They are highly confident of themselves. A decent leader picks activities that give the best result for themselves as well as other people. They are not swayed away by their own biases. They settle on choices reasonably, explore the alternatives, and are ready to deal with the consequences. They do not have a sense of guilt if they make a wrong decision; instead, they take it as a lesson.

4. Do not Compare Themselves to Others

We can often see people comparing themselves to others, which often leads to inferiority and low self-esteem. It is very unhealthy to compare yourself with others. People with high self-esteem compare themselves with their past selves and focus on the positive changes they have come across.  They crave to become a better version of themselves.

5. Set Realistic Goals

We all have predetermined goals in our lives, and we consistently work to achieve them. But do you set realistic goals for yourself? Setting realistic goals is one of the most essential characteristics of people with high self-esteem. They make small goals and then work on those goals to achieve their final purpose.

6. Comfortable with Challenges

Challenges are crucial in one’s life, but how individuals deal with them is of more concern. People with high self-esteem find it easy to accept and face challenges and become great problem solvers because they consider learning stages challenging.

7. Maintain Good Relations with Others

They respect other people’s feelings and their needs. They always focus on the goodness of a person rather than insulting them or gossiping about them.

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Anne Lise is an MBA graduate with a passion for doing business research and fashion reviews. She has been with Busybodytribune for over 4 years now, and is the lead editor for the magazine.

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