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Self Image vs Self Esteem

Ryan Lenett



Do you wonder about the difference between Self Image vs Self Esteem? Your image is not your self. Your self image is what others think about you while your self esteem is what you think of yourself.

Self Image is also how we want the world to see us. In easier words, self esteem is internal while self image is an outward projection. Let’s talk more in-depth about Self Image vs Self Esteem and how it can impact your life.


Self Image vs Self Esteem

Have you ever felt awkward amidst strangers? Do you feel anxious when you are introduced to a partner’s family or a friend’s partner? This emotional discomfort or internal pressure you feel while attempting to make a nice impression on anyone is very common.
Self esteem means how you feel about yourself while self image is what we believe others think of us. Hopefully, now you know the difference between Self Image vs Self Esteem.

Self image is not an internal process. It does not involve us focussing on who we are as a person. We focus on how we want the world to see us. Sometimes you may not feel happy, but you do not want others to know you are sad and hence you present yourself in such a way that your true feelings are not visible to others. That can confuse us about who we truly are.

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The Importance of Self Image vs Self Esteem

If you give too much importance to what people think of you, you may destroy your true self. That will lead to you depending on other’s opinions for your sense of worth. When considering other people’s opinions, we rarely factor in that their opinions of us could be affected by their negative thoughts about themselves and hence they could think badly of us because they feel bad about themselves.

If you are thinking about what other people think about you, then you are in your self image. You often act in a way that you think others would want so that you can be liked. Hence, how you view yourself becomes more oriented with others when you define yourself.

If you focus on how you see yourself, then you will be more in touch with yourself. That would be your self esteem.


What is Self Esteem?

Do you know what the main difference between self image and self esteem is? Self esteem displays what you actually feel about yourself internally. It is not related to anyone else or how the world perceives you like self image. With self esteem, you block your ears and eyes, do not care about how others respond to you or are aware of you.

How you see yourself decides how effectively you function professionally and socially with friends, family, and strangers. Are you someone that can confidently speak in public or to strangers? Or are you that person that shies away from the limelight believing you have nothing to offer to the world?

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