Samsung’s Tab A7 and S7 Lite Images and Features Leaked

There has been a leak of the Samsung’s unannounced Tab A7 and boy, this was the mistake we had all been looking forward to. The images were revealed by...

There has been a leak of the Samsung’s unannounced Tab A7 and boy, this was the mistake we had all been looking forward to. The images were revealed by Evan Blass on Voice. From what can be perceived through the image, the Tab seems to be a budget device. Where cameras have been taking over, it only seems to have one rear camera, which also does not have any Flash.

It is being considered that the Tablet will be running on the processor MediaTek Helio P22T. When it comes to space, it will have a space of 3 GB RAM. Coming to power consumption, it will have a battery of 5,100 mAh.

As the name itself suggests Tab A7 Lite is going to be ‘Light’. The launch of this Tab is expected in June this year. This launch will also be paired with another launch of Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. This tab will have reportedly bigger and better features. There will be a display considerably bigger at 12.4 inches. As compared to the 8.7-inch display on the A7 Lite, it certainly seems to be good value addition.

The S7 Lite also indicated different variants. There will be one with 5 G, 4 G LTE and there will be one with WiFi only. So, as a user, you will have the choice of 5 G or might just have restrictive connectivity through Wi-Fi only. Coming to the processor, it would have a Snapdragon 750 G processor. Space will be an upliftment from the A7 and would be 4 GB of RAM.

One of the massive attractive features of a Tab is its color. Phone/Tab companies have been trying their best to make the gadgets look peppy with superior choices of color. The available colors for A7 lite are likely to be pink, black, green, and silver.

When it comes to general media usage, Samsung A7 Lite and S7 Lite seem to have all the necessary inclusions. The FCC certification has already been obtained for Tab A7 Lite. Earlier this month, it was also approved by the Bluetooth SIG. The support for Bluetooth 5.0 will be borne by the A7 Lite.

By this inadvertent leakage, a lot of prospective users have deferred their Tab purchase and would rather await the Tabs launch in June 2021. It is being pondered over that the Lite versions lack the power that the older versions portrayed. Compared to the older counterparts, they might lack on multiple fronts.

But, with limitations in the features, it is expected that the price would commensurate to it. Both of the Tabs have their perks and quirks. When it comes to content consumption, both devices will offer a sustainable source of official and leisure work. The Lite versions are cheaper versions of the original tech lines. They are designed to offer the benefits of the major franchises with a few cuts. There are great anticipations towards the final launch of both Tabs in June.

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