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Salvage Cars are big business




It is no surprise after seeing the growth of companies like and that the salvage car industry is big business. Now more smaller startups are getting into the act with companies like that is offering direct consumers the ability to buy salvage and repo cars for sale direct from banks and insurance companies.

There has been a disconnect between consumers and Copart for a while due to the large deposits required by Copart Brokers but hopes to bring more one time consumer buyers into the market by offers lower priced membership services that do not require consumers to pay the larger deposits that most of the brokers offer.

The site is somewhat limited due to some states having very tough laws on who can and can not buy salvage titled cars. Some states require that the dealer actually be licensed in their state in order to buy salvage cars in that state.

The general consumer is not likely to become a major market influence in the salvage car industry but it will put added strain on car dealers who are already struggling to find inventory.

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