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Russia Unveils High-Tech Battle Suit Reminiscent of Star Wars




Russia just released video of a high-tech military suit, and it seems to be inspired by Star Wars. According to the Moscow Science and Technology University, the new combat suits are packed with next-generation technology. But for now, the only thing we know for certain is that they’ll make Russian soldiers look like storm troopers in camouflage.

The gear consists of heavy body armor and a futuristic helmet that entirely covers the head. Apparently, the helmet’s visor doubles as a screen, which will display tactical information and satellite data to soldiers in real time.

Since every inch of the full-body suit is bulletproof, it weighs almost 100 pounds. To compensate for the limited mobility, Russian scientists added in a robust exoskeleton. Designed to support the legs and back, this exoskeleton carries most of the weight. Its creators claim it can even increase a soldier’s normal strength and stamina levels.

Engineers Call Russia’s Bluff

Meanwhile, critics are questioning the authenticity of the Russian battle suit. Some experts claim the “prototype” is nothing but an empty shell, citing a number of inconsistencies. They are most skeptical regarding the exoskeleton, which would require massive amounts of energy to operate.

Similar exoskeletons are already used in manufacturing, but even huge battery packs and wearable solar panels don’t sustain them for more than a few hours. Therefore, the Russian suit won’t be able to carry its own weight for long.

Other Countries Are Not Far Behind

Though Russia was the first nation to publicly present their futuristic combat suit, other countries have been working on similar technology for years. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Defence showed off an early work-in-progress prototype of what they called the Iron-Man military suit. Likewise, France released concept images of their own high-tech combat gear, which featured an integrated weapon system and a live satellite imaging display.

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